Five Things People Don’t Realize They Can Insure

From the outside looking in, insurance seems to be a dry business. The average person looks to keep their monthly insurance payments as low as possible while also covering the most likely risks. Insurance claim handlers, meanwhile, have a reputation for upholding incredibly strict claim policies.

This covers auto, health, life, and homeowners insurance. They protect against natural disasters and other extenuating circumstances, offering protection when the unexpected and unpreventable happens. But insurance is an incredibly diverse and varied industry.

In fact, insurance companies offer plans for just about anything. In some cases, boutique insurance groups might specialize in certain types of coverage. For example, entertainment insurance might cover a performer’s vocal cords or even a leg of their international tour.

And when it comes to unusual forms of insurance, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading for a few of the oddest things that insurance covers—starting with blackjack.


For those who are unfamiliar, blackjack is a card game where a player attempts to beat the house by hitting a perfect 21 without going over. It’s one of the most strategy-heavy card games in the industry… and one of those strategic approaches involves blackjack insurance.

Let’s cover the basics of blackjack insurance rules, which are designed to protect a player from a loss. In most cases, blackjack insurance is worth half of the main bet. What makes it unique is that it’s offered after the cards are drawn. A player knows what two cards they have, as well as the dealer’s upcard, before they decide to pay for insurance or not. If the dealer ends up having blackjack, then the player can still break even.

Haunted Houses

Just about everyone who has headed to a haunted house has to wonder about how many people are injured each year. Not only are haunted houses organized to be nearly pitch-black, but the entire premise is that visitors will be scared out of their minds… to the point that they may take off running.

Even though designed for spooky fun, some insurance companies offer special injury coverage for haunted houses. The idea is that if a guest gets a concussion running into a wall as they’re chased by a fake chainsaw, they can’t sue the company that runs the haunted house. Some policies also cover emotional damages.

Alien Abduction

One insurance company offers a highly specialized form of coverage. The UFO Abduction Insurance Co. created a plan that provides insurance in the event a person is abducted—up to $10 million dollars, in some cases.

However, it doesn’t seem like any cases have been passed through the office yet, and certainly haven’t been paid out. Still, costing only $24.95 for a single premium payment, it might be riskier not to cover yourself in case of an abduction.


Above, we mentioned that vocal cords are a common form of insurance for singers. After all, they could miss out on big money if they miss a performance due to tonsilitis or a similar ailment. However, the scope of anatomic insurance is much, much more interesting.

For example, one Australian cricket legend insured his mustache for $370,000, as his mustache was considered part of his public persona and, therefore, his branding. Vocal cords and mustaches aside, legs are another commonly covered body part. Rihanna, Heidi Klum, and Taylor Swift have had multi-million-dollar coverage on their legs.

Fantasy Football

Similar to blackjack, insurance in fantasy football is all about covering the possibility of a loss. In these cases, insurance is important for covering major injuries. Fantasy football follows the live action of the NFL week by week—which means if a player is injured, it could affect a fantasy player’s outlook for the season.

Keep in mind that fantasy football looks to cover injuries, just like health insurance. That means that fantasy football insurance only covers someone when a key player is injured rather than if their hand-selected lineup doesn’t pan out as hoped.

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