Jera Solar Power Efficiency is ESG Data Gold

This is quite interesting technology. Why? Well ESG and Net Zero reporting means insurers need to track the power generating credentials of clients. If they use solar panels that’s good. Obvs. But then if they also utilise tech that optimises the electricity generating capacity and usage based on weather patterns, it’s win-win. So if your insured client is using the most effiecient power source then that’s an ESG win for your brokerage, MGA or underwriting brand. Joined up thinking, that’s what we do here at IE as we only use candles made from recycled 78rpm wax records to heat the office.(*satire).

Here’s the word from Jera;

JERA Co., Inc. and Japan Data Science Consortium Co. Ltd. have jointly developed, and recently begun to operate, a highly accurate system for predicting solar power generation based on weather forecast data and past power generation performance.

Given the demand for energy decarbonization as part of achieving a decarbonized society by 2050, solar power generation, which is technologically established and quick to construct, is seen as a promising short-term option for expanding renewable energy adoption in Japan. At the same time, since solar power generation performance varies with weather conditions, highly accurate predictions of the amount of electricity generated by solar power are needed in order to balance electricity supply and demand.

JERA and JDSC have jointly developed a highly accurate system for predicting the amount of electricity generated by solar power based on weather forecast data, and begun operating this system in conjunction with the start of operations at JERA’s solar power generation facilities. The system is implemented in a serverless configuration and the automation of system operation, monitoring, model learning, and updating tasks significantly reduces its operational load. JERA and JDSC will further improve prediction accuracy by applying JDSC’s expertise in advanced machine learning to the data gathered about the amount of electricity generated.

JERA is actively working to develop renewable energy projects. With a view to surpassing its 2025 renewable energy development target of 5 GW, JERA will contribute to stable supply through the use of this system while also striving to expand renewable energy use and take on the challenge of realizing “JERA Zero CO2 Emissions 2050.”

JDSC, with its mission to “Upgrade Japan,” contributes to the upgrading of industry as a whole through the social integration of cutting-edge technologies like data science, machine learning, and AI.

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