JERA Signs Battery Storage Agreement In USA

The Japanese energy specialist has already signed an agreement to build a battery storage facility in the UK, this latest move is in the USA. The idea is to have an energy bank for fleets, so that if the local or National Grid cannot supply power then a storage unit can recharge commercial vehicles.

JERA Corporation, through its subsidiary JERA Americas Inc. (“JERA Americas”), has entered into an agreement with Zenobē Americas, LLC (“Zenobē Americas”), a subsidiary of Zenobē Energy Limited (“Zenobē”), a leading EV fleet and battery storage specialist in the United Kingdom, to jointly explore battery storage projects in two northeastern U.S. power markets (New York  1 and New England 2).

In the United States, the number of storage batteries installed is expected to grow significantly in the future alongside the expansion of renewable energy use. Battery storage plays a vital role in the transition to renewable energy systems as it can provide grid stability and flexibility, storing energy in the face of intermittent generation and releasing it when needed. New York State and New England are considered promising markets for the development of the battery business, as deployment targets have been set for the expansion of the battery market and the thermal power facilities owned by JERA Americas are connected to the electric power system in such regions.

JERA has participated in the battery storage business in the United Kingdom through an investment in Zenobē in 2019  3. The new agreement stipulates that JERA Americas and Zenobē Americas will jointly discuss the development of battery storage projects in New York State and New England, including stand-alone storage and co-located with renewable energy sources, to support the expansion of renewable energy deployment.

The two companies will conduct a study on the applicability of the large-scale battery business including JERA Americas’ facilities in these regions and other areas.

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