Need Some Carbon Emissions Reporting Software?

Of course you do, let’s face it the Net Zero agenda isn’t slowing down, with ever increasing demands on restricting consumption, travel, C02 emissions, recycling, supply chain ESG checking etc. It all adds up to another set of compliance reports and boxes to be ticked every year – expensive in both hours worked and qualified people being hired to comply with the hundreds of regulations and rules. But companies like Normative are trying to help, by offering software that does some of the sums on carbon consumption for you.

Here’s the word;

With a suite of new updates in the 2023 reporting season release, Normative enables businesses to more accurately account for and disclose their carbon emissions.

With reporting requirements expanding around the world, 2023 will see many businesses disclosing their carbon emissions for the first time. To report these emissions, a business first needs to calculate them, a process that involves mapping operations and purchases to their resulting carbon emissions. This is particularly complicated to accomplish in the value chain, where data can be challenging to collect – especially for enterprise businesses, whose suppliers often number in the thousands.

Normative helps us improve the accuracy of our emissions calculations for all parts of our operations – including our downstream financed emissions – so we can be confident we’re measuring and reporting our full carbon footprint,” says Richard Williams, CIO at the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

For the 2023 reporting season, Normative has evolved its calculation and reporting experience, making it capable of producing ever more accurate carbon disclosures. With these optimizations, Normative equips sustainability professionals with the emissions information they need to speed through reporting season and drive change in 2023. Improvements cover:

  • Accuracy: Normative has added nearly 10,000 emissions factors to its database since last reporting season, and has increased the amount of categorizations to nearly 9,000. A deep database ensures refined calculations. 
  • Customization: Users can now better organize their data within Normative, ensuring that their emissions profile reflects the way their business operates.

Normative’s calculation methodology is rooted in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most established and trusted framework for calculating business carbon emissions. In a unique move in the industry, Normative has publicly released a breakdown of detailed insights into its methodology to increase the transparency and auditability of its calculations.

Read more about how Normative works here.


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