MIS Offers Mapping Assistance & Intel After Earthquakes

Geospatial intelligence leader, McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) is offering the full scope of its intelligence capabilities to Disaster Relief Organisations (DRO) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) in Turkey and Syria. This enables them to have a more complete picture of the devastation caused by yesterday’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake, so that response teams can respond more quickly, and save more lives.

Forbes McKenzie, CEO of MIS, said: “MIS was founded on a mission to help people after a catastrophe, and we will always stand with the international community to provide vital intelligence when and where needed. We know the power of actionable intelligence and how it can help organisations in Turkey and Syria to make better-informed decisions that will provide direct benefits on the ground. The entire MIS team send their thoughts to the people that have been affected.”

The earthquake has been extremely destructive to life and property, the extent of which has not been seen in Turkey since 1939. The total affected area where some level of damage is likely is over 443,000 km2, with over 8,400 km2 likely to have substantial or severe damage. This has resulted in a tragic toll on the local population, yet to be measured, and could result in US $1 billion of losses, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

MIS’ event response solution, GEO, leverages multiple data sources to provide rapid, accurate, and detailed actionable intelligence for all modelled and non-modelled catastrophic events. All data for this earthquake has been provided to DROs and NGOs, free of charge, including imagery and any other necessary elements to build into their command centre and response planning. This data will be continually updated as more sources become available or should more earthquakes or aftershocks occur.

MIS is also supporting its insurance clients by providing the information and intelligence they require for their specific policies and portfolios. This is allowing them to better understand the situation on the ground and what has been damaged, so they can effectively plan their responses to claims.

“MIS takes its responsibilities very seriously and strives to make a positive impact wherever possible,” Forbes continued. “Not only will we always be there with the actionable intelligence needed to aid rescue and recovery efforts following a humanitarian crisis, but we are also committed to providing the global insurance industry with the data it needs to protect the lives and livelihoods at risk.”

MIS will continue to update its intelligence as more data sources become available. Please contact daniel@mckenzieintelligence.com to request access.

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