Fiducia & Twenty 51 Risk Team Up On Freight Security

Fiducia MGA (Fiducia) a leading specialty insurance underwriter and risk management partner, Twenty 51 Risk Management, are launching a new scheme as part of their ongoing campaign to enhance the security of cargo on the UK’s roads. Fiducia and Twenty 51 Risk Management are engaging with Britain’s transport providers to create a list of those companies who are willing to commit to key basic steps which will keep their and our clients’ cargo more secure.

The wider logistics and insurance industry are fully aware of the problems that we face with cargo on the road. All too often, due to lack of secure lorry parking facilities, drivers park up with loaded trailers in motorway service stations or on the side of public roads, to take overnight sleep breaks in their cabs. They wake up the following morning to discover the curtain sides of the trailer have been cut and a large proportion of the load has been stolen.

Paul Langan of Twenty 51 Risk Management commented;

“The issues are the same every time. Organised criminals are aware that valuable goods are on these vehicles which are parked in insecure locations, with the only protection being a set of tarpaulin curtains,” he explains. “It’s easy pickings for them. In contrast, many business owners are unaware their valuable loads are parked up overnight in this way. When the issues are highlighted to them, during the claim process, they all ask the same question “Have you details of hauliers who don’t do this?”

It is a question that Fiducia is keen to ensure it can answer. Working with Twenty 51 Risk Management, Fiducia and CEO Gerry Sheehy (pictured) have committed to providing an answer for their brokers and clients. The priority is to create a system which will have an immediate benefit to all parties involved in the freight transit process. The key focus is to identify freight transport providers who can guarantee they provide the correct level of security, to protect their clients’ shipments.

Those hauliers will be promoted as ‘approved providers’ by Fiducia to business owners who can be confident their shipments will be shipped securely. Owners who can demonstrate they are managing their transit risks in this way will also attract appropriate premium incentives.

“There are significant business advantages for those hauliers who can differentiate their secure services ahead of competitors who cannot,” adds Sheehy. “We are seeing large UK companies and owners of iconic branded goods moving shipping contracts to alternative providers who can commit to providing the secure service.”


This has the potential to be a significant financial gain for the new provider as well as a significant loss to the current provider, who may well have lost their major contract. There is a big demand for this type of service, which astute operators can take advantage of.

A point in hand, Paul Langan is currently seeking a suitable provider for a client who is shipping eight full trailer loads of high value electrical equipment per day. Other clients who are shipping lesser amounts are also eager to identify secure freight providers.

Fiducia continues to be very pro-active in working with businesses to improve the level of security in place which can lead to a more beneficially priced insurance cover for the business. We have already highlighted the issues to the UK government department responsible for freight security and identified the actions which can be taken to improve the security of freight.

Fiducia welcomes calls for the Government to increase funding for a range of risk management measures following a hard-hitting report on the scale of freight crime in the UK. The report has been prepared by the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) who are well placed to highlight the issues. They are a national police unit with a focus on targeting crime affecting the road haulage and freight transport industry within the UK.

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