Locket Deepens Partnership With Lightwave

Locket, an insurtech named as the UK’s best home insurance provider in the 2023 National Insurance Awards, has announced an enhanced partnership with leading smart home manufacturer Lightwave. Locket is known for helping its customers use technology to proactively protect their homes and prevent claims, rather than relying solely on pay-outs. As part of the partnership, Locket members get almost 50% discount on Lightwave’s bestselling Smart Lighting Kit to help protect and secure their homes.

“When you think of home security, lighting probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind!” says Krystian Zajac, CEO of Locket. “But 86% of UK burglars say they avoid occupied homes at all costs. Smart lighting can turn on and off on a schedule, or in response to triggers like motion, to create a very convincing illusion of occupancy”.

Zajac points to research by leading criminologists that shows adequate lighting directly reduces the chances of being burgled. It’s the latest in a series of initiatives by the award-winning startup to help customers actively reduce their risk and avoid needing to claim on their insurance at all, creating savings for homeowners and insurance providers alike. Locket employs an innovative pricing model that shares the claim reduction benefit with customers in the form of perks, rewards and discounts.

Locket members can enjoy 47.8% discount on Lightwave’s popular Smart Lighting Kit, and savings of £35.59 on the Lightwave Lighting & Power Starter Kit. The latter introduces even more risk-reducing technology in the form of smart sockets and plugs – which can be used to control appliances like TVs and radios to strengthen the illusion of occupancy, or even to switch off potential fire hazards like irons and hair straighteners if they are left unattended. In addition to the deep discounts offered on each kit, Locket members also receive an instant discount on their home insurance policy simply for setting them up.

“We’re delighted to partner with Locket to offer their members access to the latest in smart home technology,” said Jason Elliot, Lightwave CEO. “The Smart Lighting Kit is just the beginning, and we’re looking forward to working with Locket to offer even more smart home solutions in the future.”

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