Nissan Testing Advanced LiDAR Collision Avoidance

Nissan has carried out another demonstration of its in-development LIDAR-based advanced driver-assistance technology, which now features intersection collision avoidance. The tech is another step on the journey towards reducing collisions to almost zero, which will obviously have a benefit for motor insurance brands.

How does it work?

The technology features a new control logic for intersection collision avoidance, says Nissan, based on ground-truth perception technology utilizing next-generation LIDAR. It can detect an object’s speed, location, and potential risk of a collision from a lateral direction. In the same way that many motorcycle riders develop a sixth sense about vehicles approaching from side roads, the LiDAR essentially anticipates a potential incident.

The system is designed to instantly respond to the changing situation through such steps as emergency application of the brakes or releasing the brakes when the potential risk- has been avoided. In theory, it sounds like AI can predict collisions before they happen and then take action. In practice, we will know some years down the line.

The in-development system is therefore being designed to provide improved assistance in difficult situations through advanced sensing and decision-making capabilities, says the French-Japanese car giant.


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