Fleet: Tech Can Help Us Reduce Resource Consumption Per Trip

Greater Than (GREAT. ST) has announced that its partner eDriving has officially launched a new EcoDrive feature powered by Greater Than in its digital driver safety solution MentorSM. The move could help fleet managers meet ESG targets, plus track fuel usage and accident probability on particular routes or shift patterns.

eDriving, a Solera company, will utilize the new feature to further support its global clients in achieving their safety and sustainability goals.

“We are absolutely thrilled to see our customers embracing this new offering so quickly, with deployments of EcoDrive already beginning around the world. Our health- and safety-minded customers are keen to take ownership of their climate impact and contribute to their organizations’ ESG initiatives by quantifying and reporting on their sustainability efforts,” said Ed Dubens, CEO/Founder of eDriving. “By helping fleet drivers understand the impact of their driving on the environment, Mentor and EcoDrive can help them evolve to more eco-friendly behaviors.”


This strategy of monitoring driver data can help reduce carbon emissions and EV battery consumption, by up to 20% – says Greater Than. As more fleets go hybrid, or pure battery power, it’s important to smooth out the driving experience to preserve battery pack lifespan. This is important right now as many car and van battery packs cannot easily be recycled. You cannot defeat physics; once a battery cell no longer holds charge it is of little use in industry or vehicle use. It’s also very expensive in terms of energy usage to recover materials like cobalt from the dead battery pack at an industrial scale. So extending the pack life by 2-3 years is crucial in terms of both money-saving to the fleet and saving the planet.

“We are delighted to provide the AI analysis to power this exciting feature in Mentor by eDriving. It’s becoming more important, mandatory in some cases, for companies to measure and report on their ESG activities. And, of course, it’s also about doing the right thing for the planet. We’re proud that our technology empowers eDriving’s customers with previously unseen climate impact insights to help them elevate their eco efforts,” said Liselott Johansson, CEO, Greater Than.

Mentor’s EcoDrive powered by Greater Than leverages Greater Than’s unique pattern-AI technology trained since 2004, using data from over 106 countries and 1,600 cities. The technology conducts real-time driving analysis to calculate CO2 emissions/EV battery consumption savings per individual driver after each trip.

EcoDrive powered by Greater Than is available globally in eDriving’s flagship Mentor business solution, available for fleets of all sizes and vehicle types.

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