Most Dangerous Day to Drive This Christmas? It’s Today, Says Co-Op

Co-op Insurance is urging drivers to take extra care on the roads on Tuesday 5th December, which has officially been named the most dangerous day of the year.

According to Co-op Insurance’s claims data, more accidents and collisions occur on the 5th December than any other day of the year.

The thousands of claims show that men are more likely to be in a crash than women as men have historically been involved in over half (57%) of collisions on this day in comparison to two fifths (43%) women.

The Midlands, East Anglia and the North East are the regions where most accidents have taken place in the past, accounting for two fifths (44%) of claims on the 5th December.

Furthermore, the average age of a driver involved in a collision on ‘Danger Day’ is 53.

Nick Ansley, Head of Motor Insurance at the Co-op, said: “Our claims data shows that the 5th December is the most dangerous day to be on the road.

“This is when we see the most claims for incidents as evenings become darker, there’s more chance of icy roads and roads are generally busier as people commence their Christmas shopping.

“We’re urging drivers to take extra precautions by allowing extra time for your journey and checking car lights and tyres before setting off on journeys. This is especially important at a time when there is an increased risk on the roads.”


Another study in 2015 by Honda found that the last Saturday morning before Christmas Day is another danger point. The reason is that many people go out on Friday night for a festive office or work related party and are unfit to drive the next morning – but still do. Peak time for a road accident on that Saturday is 9.28am.

Friday 22nd December is likely to be the busiest day on UK roads this year, as Christmas Day falls on a Monday, so many people will finish work for two weeks on that Friday. Our top tip; if travelling on the M25, take a packed lunch.


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