YourBlock to Offer Cheaper Insurance Using AI/Voice Tech Assistant

Research estimates UK households waste up to £1800 a year by not shopping around for the best deals on utilities, insurance and media subscriptions. The advent of online comparison sites has attempted to make this process easier, however things are not as clear as they could be with hidden fees, ‘voluntary’ contributions, special offers and a seemingly endless ream of small print and conditions.
Imagine having your own personal assistant to help you navigate this minefield and ensure that you get the best deal, tailored specifically for your needs and budget? This is no longer a pipedream, introducing Dave, from YourBlock.
Dave is an AI powered smart assistant, integral to the YourBlock platform, that assists consumers in managing their expenditure, purchases and subscriptions, delivering up to the minute and accurate advice on how to get the most from their money.
Dave lives within a standalone app (Dave & You) but is also happy to talk with other voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home to make immediate advice and information only a question away.
Imagine a reminder popping up a month before your car insurance is due, asking you if you’d like to review the best options available from a variety of suppliers. That cost-shock of auto-renewal with your existing supplier could be a thing of the past. In addition Dave looks at all the options available and highlights any changes that could affect your coverage such as cancellation fees, breakdown cover or increased excess amounts, allowing you to make an informed decision to get the best cover for you.
Ask Alexa to check with Dave when your Broadband payment is due, when your contract expires or if there are cheaper alternatives;  Dave will have your options delivered direct to your inbox in a jiffy.
YourBlock will operate in a similar manner to existing comparison sites, in that consumers will request quotes for a product or service from various service providers, with one major difference – the third party will never have access to their personal data. This will remain secure within the YourBlock framework. Service providers or vendors will upload their pricing guides to a secure part of the YourBlock platform to provide an accurate quotation. Individual Identity and data remains secure and private on YourBlock at all times. Upon selection of a provider and successful completion of the transaction, consumers then share in the rewards paid by the vendor for the qualified lead generation against future purchases.
Consumers will only have to enter their personal data once. They can then store, control and manage their data in a single place, lets call it your online filing cabinet. With YourBlock consumers are always in control of their data and who has access to it. This allows users to quickly and simply obtain quotations for products and services, without repeated entry or sharing of personal information. No more filling in of tedious and repetitive online forms!
In addition, through the use of Smart Contracts, YourBlock provides a free platform to store all paperwork associated with any agreements or purchases secured via the platform, such as contracts, reminders, disputes and payments. The Blockchain technology that YourBlock is built upon ensures these are fully searchable (by you), auditable and impossible to alter, providing reassurance for consumers and providers alike.
The benefit of having all this information secured in a single digital ‘filing cabinet’ is not only peace of mind and simplicity, it allows a whole new way of interacting with the data around your subscriptions and purchases through Dave.
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