AXA Launches Spoon Guru, Health & Nutrition App

AXA PPP healthcare is introducing Spoon Guru to the large corporate employee wellness market. The healthy eating diet and nutrition app, based on insight gathered from medical research, gives users information and guidance to match their food choices to their health and wellbeing goals – for example, cutting down on carbs, optimising their vitamin and mineral intake or eating for two.

By answering a few simple dietary and lifestyle questions, users can access tailored recommendations for food choices and recipes as well as a barcode scanner that enables them to check if the ingredients of a food they’re looking at, say, when they’re out shopping, are suitable for the diet they’re following.

Spoon Guru also offers access to over 17,000 recipes to help users make meal choices tailored to their dietary preferences and needs.

And, for those with food-related health issues, allergies or intolerances, Spoon Guru can help ensure the foods they choose will meet their special requirements.

The service is available, at no additional cost, to employees of larger sized employers with healthcare cover from AXA PPP healthcare.

A premium version of the Spoon Guru service is also available, at no additional cost, to employees of companies that have an AXA PPP healthcare Proactive Health Wellbeing Programme with Health Coaching Pathway in place and who have health risks, identified by an AXA PPP healthcare physiologist, that could be addressed through their diet.

In these cases, AXA PPP physiologists may recommend using Spoon Guru during a personal wellbeing session following a health assessment or in a later health coaching session.

They’ll provide individuals with an access code that allows them to register for 12 months’ use of the premium Spoon Guru features.

The app will then be tailored to their specific health risks and goals – whether that’s to lower their cholesterol, address their blood glucose levels or help them manage their weight.

“AXA PPP healthcare’s Proactive Health team is excited to be working with Spoon Guru to meet the nutrition needs of our customers and further personalise their health and wellbeing journey. Their smart technology will allow our customers to scan food on the go using their phone and, because they can personalise their dietary profile, Spoon Guru can support further with relevant recipes, ingredient lists and helpful dos and don’ts.” [Chris Tomkins, Head of Proactive Health for AXA PPP healthcare]

“We are delighted to partner with AXA PPP to offer members the benefits of Spoon Guru’s game changing technology. Sixty-four percent of the world’s population now actively exclude foodstuffs from their diet and many are actively trying to make healthier choices. This means consumers need a trusted and accurate route to find food and recipes to suit their specific needs to help them accomplish their goals. Spoon Guru provides just that.” [Markus Stripf, CEO of Spoon Guru]

Insurance-Edge Comment;

How I’ve managed to avoid Krispy Kreme for the last ten years without this app is a complete mystery.

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