Car Insurance Going Down Says ABI – Opposite View to AA Analysis

Just a few days ago the AA issued a press release which stated the cost of car insurance was rising due to Brexit, (amongst other reasons), an indea gleefully seized upon by many in the MSM. But is it true? After all we haven’t actually left yet, so it’s hard to see how the cost of fixing a damaged car has gone up due to tariffs, parts supply shortages or extra customs delays etc.

So for a different point of view here’s some news from the ABI, who perhaps have greater insight as an industry body than one insurer? It will be interesting to see if the BBC, LBC, Sky, Mirror, Guardian, Indy and others all run with this story.

The cost of motor insurance fell in 2018, the first calendar year fall since 2014, according to the Association of British Insurers’ (ABI) latest Motor Premium Tracker published today. The fall came despite a rise in the average premium paid in quarter 4 last year over the previous quarter, in line with the seasonal trend.

The ABI’s Premium Tracker is the only survey which measures the price that consumers pay for their motor cover, rather than prices quoted.

Today’s figures reveal that:

  • The average price paid for motor insurance in 2018 was £477, down 1% on the previous year.
  • In line with the seasonal trend, the average price paid for cover in quarter 4 of 2018 rose slightly on the previous quarter, up by 2% to £479. However, this was the lowest quarter 3 to quarter 4 rise since 2013. The rise in average premiums reflected lower car sales, with insurers’ fixed costs needing to be spread across fewer motor polices.

Mark Shepherd, Assistant Director, Head of General Insurance Policy, ABI, said:

“This annual fall is good news for millions of UK drivers after a few years of rising premiums, that reflected, in part, rising vehicle repair costs, a weaker pound, and uncertainty around the reform of personal injury compensation. Implementing the provisions of the Civil Liability Act will be crucial to delivering a fairer compensation system for claimants and continued competitive premiums for motorists. Despite reports suggesting premiums are going up, what we actually saw was an overall fall in the average motor premium paid in 2018, with the seasonal rise in quarter four premiums lower than normal.”



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