Company Transformation: Capgemini Launches PerformAI

If artificial intelligence is really going to replace human ideas, methods, ethics and everyday workplace practices, then there can be no doubt that a truly holistic approach is needed. No part of any company, from boardroom to warehouse loading bay, can be an AI-free zone. Will directors really free up their decision-making AI-powered software, to the extent where AI has the final say over a merger or corporate share sale, not the board itself?

Maybe so, and with that in mind here’s some timely new thinking from Capgemini, who have  just launched Perform AI, a new portfolio of solutions and services to assist organizations in achieving and sustaining tangible business outcomes by building and operating enterprise-grade artificial intelligence (AI) at scale.

The portfolio provides customers with a complete set of solutions to infuse AI in their organizations, delivering operational excellence and business innovation for immersive, highly personalized experiences. Leveraging the full capabilities of the entire Group – from strategy and design through to global implementation and management – Perform AI brings together people, process, data and technology to realize superior, sustainable and trusted business performance.

recent publication from the Capgemini Research Institute highlighted that a mix of anxiety and ill-informed opinion is obscuring the risks and opportunities of implementing AI. Organizations therefore need a pragmatic approach to move forward. In terms of anticipated demand, IDC forecasts cognitive and AI spend will grow to $52.2 billion in 2021 and achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46.2% over the 2016-2021 forecast period.

Perform AI has been designed to address the real opportunities and the critical challenges which companies confront today, whatever their maturity on data management and AI:

·       Applying AI at scale: Moving beyond proofs-of-concept and isolated deployments to industrialize AI across the enterprise, scaling the business benefits throughout the organization.

·       Empowering people: Proactively managing the impact of AI initiatives on augmented workforces and seeking the best interactions between people and AI.

·       Transforming operations and beyond: Applying AI-based technologies to assist, augment or automate operations, right through to reimagining business processes.

·       Embedding ethics: Applying AI with an ethical and responsible approach; one that is transparent to users and customers, embeds privacy, ensures fairness, and builds trust.

·       Spurring innovation for competitive advantage: Leveraging AI to introduce entirely new business models, ways of working, products, services, and experiences, offering legacy enterprises the opportunity to leapfrog their current market positions to ones previously reserved for digitally native enterprises only.

“Most companies have already started to experiment with AI to help them transform certain functions within their business, but those that adopt it effectively and throughout the enterprise will gain true competitive advantage,” comments Lanny Cohen, Group Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini. “To realize true real-world impact and ensure sustained success, companies need to move beyond isolated initiatives to infusing AI into everything they do – from simply changing technologies to shifting the entire game. With Perform AI, we are laser-focused on applying AI to achieve mission-critical, high business impact, resulting in tangible performance outcomes for today and in the future.”

To concentrate asset and solution creation as well as expert capability development, Capgemini has created a network of cross-practice AI Centers of Excellence (CoEs). These Perform AI CoEs are now operational in France, Germany and North America, all supported by a hub CoE in India. Geographical coverage of the Perform AI CoEs will be extended throughout 2019.

With data privacy and security emerging as some of the most important priorities for businesses, it is vital that companies balance their AI innovation with efforts to secure and maintain the trust of their customers, partners, and employees. Capgemini’s Perform AI portfolio focuses on the ability to secure data and AI platforms.

Building on its existing recognition as one of the world’s most ethical companies, Capgemini has integrated ethics into the foundations of its Perform AI portfolio.

“We have launched Perform AI to enable organizations to augment operations and potentially reinvent their business at a time when they are expected to regularly meet and exceed customers’ expectations that are higher and more diverse than ever before,” concludesAnne-Laure Thieullent, AI and Analytics Group Offer Leader, Capgemini. “Through the application of AI technologies, our Perform AI solutions will increase the speed of execution and certainty of success for our clients’ AI initiatives, which are sometimes still fragmented and not exploited to their full potential. With Perform AI and the follow up releases of this new portfolio, we are dedicated to becoming the premier AI-infused consulting and technology services company and are excited to take our clients to the next stage of their journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.”

The full portfolio is available immediately, with more information found here.

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