FNOL News: New RAC Flatbed Recovery Trailer Will Transform Van Fleet

Some very interesting info for all brokers, MGAs, insurers and third party companies involved in the FNOL process; The RAC has developed and launched new industry-leading equipment that effectively brings flatbed recovery capability to its breakdown patrol vans, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of drivers time and stress every year.

In what is believed to be a first in the roadside assistance industry worldwide, the RAC’s orange patrol vans now have the capability to fully lift all four wheels of broken-down vehicles, enabling patrols to recover more themselves and removing the need to call out an additional recovery vehicle.

This method of moving cars, especially larger vehicles like SUVs or low-to-the-ground coupes, classics etc will really help avoid the problem of vehicles `grounding’ on speed humps, or exhausts/bumpers catching the road when hitting an inevitable pothole in the road.

Crucially, vehicles that normally need to be recovered separately – including crossovers, SUVs, 4x4s, pick-ups, vans, automatics, hybrids and even electric vehicles – can now all be recovered by a single patrol van, as can those with faults which make towing impossible, like multiple punctured tyres, handbrake or transmission failures and many breakdowns caused by potholes.

The new All-Wheels-Up technology builds on the success of the RAC’s existing rapid deployment trailer, which is fitted to all RAC patrol vans and can tow broken-down vehicles by lifting two wheels off the road. The RAC was the first UK roadside assistance company to introduce this equipment in 2001, and since 2010 its patrols have completed more than 37 million miles of recoveries using it on the UK’s roads.

The new equipment stows easily into the back of an existing long wheelbase RAC van, and can be deployed by a patrol in a fraction of the time it would normally take for a standard recovery truck to arrive, meaning the time taken to get a stricken vehicle home or to a garage is cut dramatically.

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