Brew Time: European Cars Given a US Makeover – Would You Drive One?

Europe and America’s historical ties run deep; with alliances including everything from conflict to trade, music and fashion.  But the Atlantic represents a huge chasm in attitudes when it comes to cars. Basically, Americans like to Go Large, and it’s fries & ketchup on top, when it comes to cars.

The spiritual home of the Mopar muscle car has provided inspiration for Select Car Leasing, who have had some Photoshop fun dreaming up thse true crossover vehicles.

Fiat 500 Hot Rod (pictured above)

Actually this is one we would like to see happen, although the Abarth version of the Fiat 500 is a joy to drive, track or open road. Maybe a V8 engine would make the handling feel like a tea trolley full of curling stones hurtling down a mountain, who can say? But it’s a very cool look down at BK on Friday nights.

VW Golf station wagon concept custom car insurance

VW Golf Station Wagon Concept

Is anyone else looking at this photo and thinking Clark Griswald on his Holiday Road? Yeah, it’s got that old fashioned 80s family car vacation feel. And it’s brown.

On the upside, the addition of (recycled & sustainable forest) wood panels onto a VW Golf might assuage those who swore never to touch the brand again after the emissions cheating scandal? Let’s move on.

VW Passat 50s style usa cruiser.jpg

VW Passat Boulevard Cruiser

We love tail fins baby. Hmmm, on second thoughts this finned VW Passat isn’t really ringing the 50s Diner bell for us here at IE mag. It has got a little bit of Goodfellas/American Graffiti class in its low-to-the-ground lines, but somehow it looks a bit unfinished, too boxy, to truly capture the hometown essence of Main St USA.

mercedes SLK coupe modded and tuned

Mercedes E Class Coupe

Our first thought on seeing this potential E Class red rocket was, `don’t Mercedes already make the V12 powered SL65 coupe?’ Actually, they just halted production. But as far as we know they don’t do a red/white Mustang-esque paint job.

Despite being pretty similar to a beefed up SLK Merc, we reckon this is the best looking concept that Select Car Leasing’s web designer has come up with during his weekend box-set binge fest, watching the entire Fast `n’ Furious franchise. Top work.

Audi_TT concept


Sometimes a car just looks so right, so perfect in its lines and stance. But sadly, this isn’t one of them. Instead, it looks like a reject from the cartoon Cars movie, and would have probably been saddled with a name like Gunter McMunter.

Absolute bobbins, next.

renault truck leasing

Renault Scenic 4X4 Monster Truck

Although the Renault Captur might make a better template for this idea, the Scenic adds a touch of Gallic comedy, with it’s pumped-up Asterix The Gaul looks. It has to be said that although it’s undeniably ugly, this concept is positively handsome compared to any Citroen Cactus ever made.

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What’s your favourite concept car from the Select mock-ups? Post a comment below.






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