Mobile Phone Insurer Says Men Are Twice as Likely to Lose Their Phone.

MEN are more than TWICE as likely to accidentally lose their phones compared to women, and it seems that skinny jeans could be to blame. That’s according to new stats unveiled by leading UK mobile phone insurance firm so-sure.

In the past two years, men submitted a whopping 70 per cent of all accidental phone loss claims to the company, while women submitted the remaining 30 per cent – despite the customer base being split evenly between the sexes. Men were also much more likely to have their phones stolen, says the website.

Dylan Bourguignon, CEO at so-sure, said: “We analysed data from the last two years, looking at all requests to replace lost phones and the results show a clear trend – with two thirds of all accidentally ‘lost’ claims submitted sent in by males.
“We’d urge the menfolk of Britain to be extra careful with their phones, as they appear to be much more likely to lose them compared with their female counterparts.”
When it comes to accidental losses, the so-sure team say they don’t yet know the reasons why men are more susceptible to losing their gadget, but they have a theory. 
Mr Bourguignon explained: “The phenomena is a strange one, and needs further research. 
“But we’d suggest that one possible reason for the stats is handbags – and that most men rely on their pockets while women keep their items safe in a dedicated holdall. 
“If men are mostly losing their phones on public transport – in taxis, or on buses and trains – this suggests their phones could be falling out of their pockets and getting left behind.
“The trend for men wearing skinny jeans might not help either, as the garments could make phones more likely to be forced out of pockets when men are moving around.”
Men were also the unfortunate gender most likely to have their phones nicked, too. 
Of the cases of theft reported to so-sure, 46 per cent were from male customers while 38 per cent of the claims were registered by females. The remaining 16 per cent were non-gender specific. 
Mr Bourguignon adds: “Thefts of mobile phones is still a major concern for members of the public.The latest Home Office figures showed theft offences in England and Wales increased by 291,000 in 2018.
The eight per cent rise put the overall figure at 3.8 million incidents reported to the police – which is seven every minute.That total was boosted by a 23 per cent increase in ‘thefts from outside a dwelling’, according to the Crime in England and Wales report.
Meanwhile so-sure say they’re disrupting the market when it comes to mobile phone insurance. 
The so-sure model works on a ‘social insurance’ basis, where people can get together with friends and family to make savings and even earn money.
For each successful connection, both parties get £10 in their rewards pot. The more people involved, the bigger the potential payout if no claims are made during a 12-month period.
Mr Bourguignon added: “It’s a simple idea that lets your insurance be what it should be: social.”
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