Road Casualties Fall Overall, But Serious Injury Incidents Rise Slightly

Congestion looks likely as school holiday getaway begins this friday, says RAC.

Department for Transport figures published today show that the overall number of casualties on Britain’s roads fell by 6% in 2018 to 160,378. The figure represents the number of deaths and injuries reported to police.

There were 1,782 reported road deaths in 2018 which, accounting for traffic levels, is down 1% on 2017 and down 30% on 2008. However, the same data revealed a 2.6% jump in serious injuries on Britain’s roads between 2017 and 2018. In total 25,484 serious injuries were reported in 2018, up from 24,831 in 2017 and 24,101 in 2016.

Greg Wilson, Founder of, a leading insurance comparison platform, says:

“While it’s welcome news that the overall number of casualties on British roads fell by 6% in 2018, the Department for Transport data has also revealed a worrying rise in the number of serious injuries in recent years.

“The total number of serious injuries reported has risen by 2.6% in a year and by 5.4% over the past two years. The good news is that the UK has one of the lowest road fatalities rates in Europe, and this latest raft of data has confirmed that that fatality rate has fallen by a further 1% year-on-year between 2017 and 2018.

“Still, the sharp rise in serious injuries makes it all too clear that British motorists need to be increasingly vigilant when they take to our nation’s highways and byways, particularly when they’re driving in heavily built-up areas where accidents are much more likely to occur.”

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the AA told the mainstream media that the small reduction in fatal road accidents was `disappointing,’ and urged the government to do more.


Recently the idea that newly qualified drivers should essentially be grounded with night time curfews was floated by politicians and the road safety lobby. But will banning the law-abiding majority from doing shift work or having a social life actually stop the boy racers holding meet-ups every Friday night, or simply driving with no documents?

The one salient fact missing from today’s road accident stats is this; how many drivers involved in serious or fatal crashes are driving illegally, or are a passenger in a car being driven recklessly? Knowing the true causes behind the incidents would go a long way towards resolving the problems, unlike blanket bans on road use.

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