Emex Launches New Health & Safety Platform for 21st Century Risks

OK, let’s think about this; semi-autonomous van/car fleet, casualised workforce who are technically self-employed, smartphones set to airplane mode so GPS location services are off – what could go wrong? Yep, the workplace is changing rapidly, which means that as an employer your duty of care procedures must be documented via some type of verifiable data trail. News from Emex here;

Health & safety compliance software platforms are rarely the stuff to get boardroom heartbeats racing. But a markedly new approach from Emex sees the launch of a simplified platform that elevates managing risk and preventative programs into improved business performance, driving cost saving from lowered insurance premiums.

Disrupting a traditional market cluttered with high priced and complicated compliance software packages, Emex is now offering its highly configurable health & safety platform at a cost that is affordable not only for large enterprises but also for small & medium sized businesses. The move comes as part of a widespread repositioning of the company, one that is set to challenge the conventional health and safety software sector in the UK.

Keeping things simple

Emex provides an intuitive platform that automates and simplifies the management of risks and compliance processes. When implemented, it helps organisations optimize health & safety operations and unlocks new revenue streams by keeping insurance premiums under control.

“Health & Safety compliance doesn’t need to be viewed as a ‘necessary evil’ that is only a burden on a business,” says Shruti Chawla, chief marketing officer at Emex. “With our new approach we aim to demystify health and safety, make it more accessible and elevate the topic onto the boardroom agenda as a means to drive positive business performance. Not only will it help modernise insurance underwriting it will deliver its primary purpose: bringing employees home safely.”

Preventing accidents and enabling profits using technology

Through the use of its updated platform, Emex is leading the charge to set new standards for the industry, not only by endorsing positive safety behavior but also by establishing KPIs that organizations should strive to achieve. Its three key benefits include:

  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Improved behavioural safety (By logging safe and unsafe observations).
  • Reduced insurance premiums.

“The view that health & safety compliance is – from a financial perspective – an unavoidable drag on profitability is outdated,” continues Chawla. “Our new Performance Improvement platform reinforces safety culture, increases employee efficiency and reduces operational interruptions, while at the same time unlocking cost savings and ultimately fuelling revenue growth.”

The Emex platform can also monitor and record a wide range of other non-H&S workflow processes. As part of its company-wide repositioning Emex has undergone a rebranding exercise and launched an all-new website.

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