Revealed: 21% of Londoners Take Tech On Holiday With Them

In a new survey by, we take a look at the value of suitcases across the UK, who’s most likely to lose their bags, and what we’re really embarrassed about if our suitcase is opened.

How much is your luggage worth?

Going on holiday isn’t just about poolside pics and cocktails: packing the right amount of clothes, gadgets and essentials is just as important – but do you know how much your suitcase is actually worth? 

The new study reveals that 48% of people in the UK believe their luggage is worth between £100 and £500. Yet only 13% of people insure their luggage for the minimum value of under £800, with the majority (78%) insuring luggage for ‘any’ value, at a potentially higher premium than they need to.

Londoners believe the contents of their luggage is the most expensive, with 16% of people valuing their suitcase at between £1,001 and £1,500. In comparison, only 3% of travellers in the North West, South West and Wales assigned this expensive a price tag to their suitcases.

Lost in translation 

When going on holiday, the last thing you want to happen is losing your suitcase in transit – but how many people does this happen to?

Of all respondents, 27% had lost their luggage while flying at some point in their lives. The North East seem to be one of the unluckiest regions, with 53% of people losing their luggage at some point and 10% of these saying that luggage was then returned with broken or missing items.

Wales seems to be the luckiest region, with only 19% of people reporting that they had lost their luggage while going on holiday.

7% of people in Northern Ireland had lost their luggage and never had it returned – the highest percentage across regions – whilst London was the region that had the highest number of broken or missing items when luggage was returned at 13%.

Brits love taking their tablet on holiday – but how else can you escape those sun lounger bores, droning on about property abroad?

Tech junkies

In a technological world, what gadgets are we most likely to bring on holiday? And are we able to survive without them?

The survey reveals that Londoners are most fond of their tech comforts, with 15% of them saying they would take a home gaming console, such as an Xbox or PlayStation, away on holiday. 24% of people in Yorkshire and the Humber and Scotland wouldn’t want to travel without packing their tablet, whilst 21% of Londoners also felt the need to bring their laptop. 

Glaswegians are the most likely to go full digital-detox, with 7% saying they wouldn’t pack any tech at all in their luggage for their next holiday.

When it comes to what’s on our laptops being exposed, either by security staff or if our luggage is lost, those from Oxford would be most embarrassed (10%) whereas residents of Leeds and Cardiff would be the least embarrassed (both 0%).

Embarrassing suitcases

22% of the UK would be most embarrassed by their dirty laundry if it was lost or opened at security, while 11% would be red-faced if their underwear or adult toys were exposed.

While this was true across most major cities in the UK, people in Coventry would be more embarrassed by their underwear (22%) than their dirty laundry (15%).

Gender makes a difference: women would be more likely than men to be embarrassed by their dirty laundry or their underwear being exposed, (29% versus 15% and 15% versus 7% respectively), whereas men would be more embarrassed than women by adult toys being exposed (12% versus 9%).


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