London Market Group Showcases Services to Potential US Clients

Financial services like insurance are a huge part of the UK economy, and London remains one of the most important cities in the world when it comes to this sector. It isn’t just about heritage and history, or brokers in red braces shouting buzzwords at whiteboards. Oh no. London is a global centre for insurtech innovation and investment too. Insurance Edge is looking forwward to the roaring 20s – and we ain’t the only ones.

As the UK enters the transition period, where businesses can look beyond the EU to forge new partnerships without wondering what the payback might be from Brussels, the London Market Group has launched three short videos to help promote the London Market to insurance brokers in the US.

Restoration –

Protection  –

Progress –

The films can be found on the London Makes It Possible website  –, and from today they are being promoted to target brokers in the USA via a digital advertising campaign.

The films star experts from across the London Market – underwriters, brokers, claims and breach specialists – who kindly gave their time to be filmed in a special studio that was set up in the old Pen Shop in Leadenhall Market at the end of last year.

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