Compliance: Ohalo X-Ray Tool Performs Rapid GDPR Data Sweeps

EU GDPR rules mean any insurer, broker or MGA has to be careful with customer data; how you gain consent, store it, then ultimately delete it one day. Failure can result in a hefty fine, as well as reputational damage. Some news just in from Oxbow Partners;

Ohalo helps organisations manage their data for regulatory and strategic purposes with its Data X-Ray tool.

GDPR requires organisations to erase all personal data on a customer if requested. However, that data could be stored in multiple databases, documents and spreadsheets. Ohalo’s Data X-Ray tool helps organisations quickly search for individuals’ data across large datasets and redact unstructured data at scale.

The solution works by classifying and mapping data using customised machine learning algorithms to identify where personal and commercially sensitive information lies. The solution can look across a range of data types from an unstructured Word document to an on-premise legacy SQL database.

The tool’s differentiating twist is that it also helps companies to automatically redact defined datapoints from large unstructured datasets. This feature allows identifiable personal data to be removed, for example, from subject access request (SAR) responses and database extracts for data science use cases.

The speed is impressive: in one example, Ohalo was able to redact personal information from 600,000 documents in one day following implementation, a task which would have taken 12.5 years for a person to complete.

Founded in 2017, Ohalo predominantly operates in Europe and targets B2C businesses and organisations with large volumes of customer data. Previous clients have varied from telecoms companies to government organisations.

The company also has partnerships with insurance players and use cases are not always strictly regulatory. For example, a large insurer wanted to ensure that SME portfolio data was consistent between business divisions. Ohalo implemented a solution to track differences between datasets and deliver the benefits of a centralised database while maintaining decentralised policy admin systems.


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