Italian Insurtech Association Founded to Promote Innovation

Just spotted online, this new association aims to promote new ideas within the Italian insurance sector. Here’s the press statement; To accelerate the digital transformation in the insurance and supplementary pension sector, we need a reference point that brings together those who have already been spokespersons for this experience for some years.

With this aim, the Italian Insurtech Association (IIA) was established in Milan in recent days , an association that brings together some of the main operators and entrepreneurs of the Italian insurtech with the aim of promoting technological innovation in the insurance sector .

Although Italians are increasingly users of digital services – with 12.7 million (a third of the population between 18 and 74 years of age) who have used at least one fintech service in 2019 and a large part of banking users operate mainly online – the diffusion of digital insurance is still reduced, despite the popularity of users for insurtech is high, as evidenced by the data of the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano for which 9 out of 10 users show predisposition for insurance on demand.

Propensione SpA , digital company founded by Giancarlo Scotti active in the consultancy and online distribution of supplementary and individual protection products through the portal , is one of the founding members of the Association and one of the first companies to join to the initiative, in full coherence with the digital soul that saw it born in 2016. Along with Propensione, leading operators and professionals in the insurance world are part of the Italian Insurtech Association.

In fact, the Association aims to affirm, develop and disseminate the culture of insurtech technology, with the aim of becoming a point of reference for the institutions in representing the requests of the members. In this sense, the Italian Insurtech Association expects to soon be able to see all the operators and insurance brokers join, from the smallest to the largest companies, to move as a primary representative of the category and government bodies.

Dario Scrosoppi , President of Propensione, declares: “Digital transformation is now an inescapable reality with which operators and institutions must confront in order to offer solutions in step with the times and, above all, able to facilitate the access and usability of insurance services to users. Optimization of times and costs, disintermediation with respect to traditional channels, ability to use innovative technological tools, enabling artificial intelligence systems to support solutions tailored to customer requests are among the first advantages that digital transformation brings. “


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