Is There an App That Disables Smartphones When Driving? Yep

There are quite a few apps on the market that automatically disable a smartphone when driving above a certain speed. Bit like the classic Father Ted episode, but without the explosives under the milk float. Now WebSafety, developers of cyber-safety apps for parents, have launched their new app DriveSafety exclusively available from their website

The app locks the mobile device once it reaches a speed of five miles per hour in effort to stop drivers getting distracted by their mobile device while driving.

driver reaction times slowed TRL research
It’s actually safer to have a couple of beers than use Apple CarPlay, although we don’t think you should try this at home.

However, according to the UK TRL (Transport Research Lab) experts, although the mobile phone continues to be a distraction to drivers, there are a wide range of others that today’s modern vehicles present to their occupants. For example, using media interfaces such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, navigating with a SatNav, or traditional texting.

If you’re a Samsung user then you can get In-Traffic Reply, which sends automated messages as you’re driving, although that may prompt another message from a particularly keen FB Messenger artist.

Running a fleet? Textstopper is an Australian product that ticks the right boxes. The system includes an app for your phone, an ID device which sits in the glovebox and a website where you choose your settings.

The system hides incoming texts, Facebook updates and non-hands-free calls when you are driving and blocks all but non-hands-free outgoing calls – although some say that hands-free phone calls are still a distraction in certain driving conditions of course. The app can’t be removed without a fleet manager knowing.


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