0% Finance on Car Servicing at Vauxhall Dealerships

Vauxhall are feeling the pinch as car sales and new lease contracts drop off a cliff. Of course, all manufacturers face the same problems right now, as Coronavirus decimates th economy and throws millions out of work, certainly in the short-term. So will there be more emphasis by car makers on getting people to have their cars fixed at their franchised dealerships in the future? You bet, because frankly, you have to ask if there’s any point in having that flash dealership now that more people are buying cars online.

Vauxhall announced a new initiative across its national service and repair network that will position its retailers as go-to outlets for quality parts and service, while offering prices normally only seen in the aftermarket sector.

Known as Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs, and available to all Vauxhall owners, the programme will position Vauxhall retailers as the local go-to outlets for quality parts and service, but at highly affordable and competitive prices.

Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs offers a simple choice of two levels of service. ‘Genuine Vauxhall’ provides original equipment (OE) parts for those customers who insist on Vauxhall manufactured parts. While a second tier – ‘Vauxhall Approved’ – comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty for customers with cars over three years old who are looking for a blend of quality and affordability. Both levels are carried out by Vauxhall’s highly trained technicians, and include parts, labour and VAT.

Easing owners’ financial burden still further, Vauxhall is offering zero-per cent interest on all parts and servicing from three to 12 months. This could mean that a front brake pad service could cost just £24.75 per month over four months (total cost: £99), or a complete cambelt service, £33.25 per month over 12 months (total cost: £399).

With a menu that covers the most common repairs, it’s clear to see from the examples below how Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs can benefit all Vauxhall owners – including those who still need to continue using their vehicles at the current time.

Front brake pad service £185.00 £149.00 £99.00  From £24.75
Battery replacement  £202.65  £169.00 £109.00 From £27.25
Wiper blades replacement £48.45 £39.00 £29.00 From £7.25
Prices include parts, labour & VAT

‘Vauxhall is committed to putting value and quality front and centre in the minds of its owners,’
 said Stephen Norman, Managing Director, Vauxhall Motors. ‘With the Fixed Price Repair programme our customers do not need to compromise by visiting aftermarket retailers, when they can visit their local Vauxhall dealer and enjoy comparable pricing, yet with the absolute confidence of being looked after by trained and qualified Vauxhall technicians.’

Full details of Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs can be found in the Owners section of www.vauxhall.co.uk

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