Lockdown Love Handles? Survey Reveals Staying In Means Piling On The Pounds

Laka, the community-driven insurance technology company, has today released new research identifying Britons’ worries about the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown on their mental and physical health. Commissioned by YouGov, the research shows that weight gain, loss of fitness, and lack of outdoor time are key concerns for Britons as they stay at home over the next few weeks.

Overall, just under half (43%) of Brits are worried about weight gain. 50% of women and 35% of men are worried about piling on the pounds, with those aged between 35-44 years expressing the most worry (53%). Respondents from the north are the least concerned about weight gain (38%), versus 46% of those in the south. Those who are married expressed greatest concern (51%), versus those never married (39%).

More than a third of Britons (39%) are concerned about losing cardio or muscle tone fitness due to lack of exercise, with Londoners more distressed about this than any other region (48%). Overall, women are more worried than men (41% vs 37%). Respondents aged between 35-44 years cite higher rates of anxiety over fitness loss than any other age groups (44%). More than half (54%) of commuters who used to cycle to work are concerned about loss of fitness, versus 41% of those who used to drive to work.

Just under a third of respondents (32%) are worried about not getting enough time outdoors in nature. This rises to 34% for people living in London, and drops to just 25% for those in Scotland.

Fear of loneliness is also a key concern during the social isolation period. Just under a third (31%) of Britons cite anxiety over their own loneliness, rising to 42% of those who are separated or divorced. There is a significant contrast between young and old: more than half (52%) of students list loneliness as a concern (52%), compared to just 18% of those retired. Of the regions, Londoners are particularly susceptible to bouts of worry over loneliness (37%), whilst those in the North West are least concerned (24%).

14% of Brits are worried about losing skills in sports due to lack of practice, with a fifth of students particularly affected (21%).

Tobi Taupitz, CEO of Laka, comments:

“During this difficult period of lockdown and isolation, it’s natural that we’re concerned about lack of social interaction, and limited ability to pursue physical fitness. We know how important regular physical exercise is to a general sense of wellbeing, particularly for those living in cities and close quarters. For those who have the option of going for bike rides – while abiding by social distancing rules – it’s a great way to get some fresh air, keep up fitness levels, and maintain a sense of connection to the surroundings.”

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