omni:us Teams Up With Rokk3r on Latin American Expansion

omni:us, the insurance-focussed artificial intelligence (AI) solution business, has announced a partnership with Rokk3r, a global innovation technology and consulting company, to enable the AI company to enter the Latin American insurance market.

In 2019, Berlin-based omni:us began building a presence in the US and Canada with the appointment of Rupin Mago as VP North America.

omni:us has a vision to transform the global insurance industry by deploying AI in a hybrid approach to claims, complementing adjusters’ expertise and equipping them with deep data-driven customer insights while speeding up processes and improving efficiency with automation.

The partnership with Miami, Florida-based Rokk3r is designed to enable omni:us to roll out its AI-driven services to insurance companies in Latin America.

Together, Rokk3r and omni:us will help insurers with:

  1. Enabling clean data at the start of the claims process by automating document intake
  2. Reducing manual efforts related to data intense tasks
  3. Empowering core business with decision support and insights

“We have been very impressed by Rokk3r’s eco-system, which combines human and machine intelligence systems to enable companies to quickly build size and scale,” said Rupin. “We value the agility and entrepreneurial flair of Rokk3r, and we are convinced it will help omni:us to build scale as we enter the Latin American insurance market, as well as accelerating our planned growth in North America.”

“We believe omni:us is on a class of its own with regards to their technology as well as with the space in which their products add value to our industry. Claims is the single biggest savings contributor to an insurance company P&L, so the opportunities are worth pursuing,” said Hilario Itriago, Managing Director of Rokk3r Insurtech.

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