39% Rise in Accidental Damage Claims as Lockdown Eases, Says Admiral

Leading car insurer Admiralhas released data that shows accidental damage claims are rising again as lockdown eases. Here is the latest;

Lorna Connelly, Head of Claims at Admiral, said: “Whilst the current volumes of claims
for accidental damage from motorists remains low, we’ve found the number of incidents
reported to us has started to rise as lockdown measures have eased. This suggests that as
more motorists return to the roads the likelihood of road accidents will also increase.

“Comparing a two week period during lockdown at the start of May with the following two weeks in the month when restrictions on travel eased, we saw a 39% increase in the
number of accidental damage claims from motorists in England. The increases were
much lower in Scotland, where there was a 12% increase and in Wales, where there were just 3% more accident claims over the same period. This could be related to both Scotland and Wales still having stay at home orders during those two weeks.

“The increase can be attributed to a number of factors, including a general increase in traffic on the roads; motorists getting back behind the wheel after a sustained break from driving; pedestrians and cyclists who have been taking advantage of quieter roads being unprepared for increased traffic and some drivers taking unnecessary risks with excessive speed.

The highest level of accidental damage claims was recorded in the South of England area, with a 48% increase, closely followed by London on 42% and NE England, also on 42%.

“We’re reminding all road users including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike that as lockdown measures continue to ease traffic will probably increase further, and that as it does the risk of accidents will also rise. Claims for accidental damage remain at a low level, but the increases already seen with a part lifting of travel restrictions should act as a reminder of the need for caution amongst all road users.”

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