Trusted Reviews? New Idea Means More Reviewers Can Be Verified via Video

Video has changed our lives.  Whether you embraced it pre the Covid-19 outbreak or adopted it as your lifeline during lockdown, video has been the bridge to gap the distance between us all.  Our research has shown that 49% of people have embraced video more to communicate since lockdown.  From online quizzes, to keeping in touch with friends and family to hosting virtual seminars and team meetings, video in all its forms is a medium that will now and forever be in our daily lives.

One thing many companies are aware of is the trends of fake negative reviews, often posted by business rivals, or their friends and relatives. One way that review platforms can win more consumer – and business owner – trust, is to have a video facility, so that everyone can see who is posting. OK, they may have a Corona mask on, but you get the drift.

Compare by Review (CBR) have embraced this technology and launched their new video review platform, the first of its kind by a comparison website.  Sitting alongside the traditional written review option, the new platform allows users to leave video reviews alongside their rating of the provider of their choice.   With over 50% of people agreeing that video reviews would be helpful with the purchase journey, it was a natural progression for CBR.

The public embraces the review platform, with nearly 95% of us referring to a trusted site or reading a review before we make a purchase.  Trust and influence are a large part of the decision-making process with a whopping 84% of those surveyed stating they are influenced by a review and over 90% of people saying that they would trust a video review.

Video reviews allow the user to express their feeling and thoughts in a more expressive and animated way through expressions.  Users watching the video reviews will pick up on the human-storytelling through signals and tone to allow a better understanding of the nature of the review.

The public are now far more comfortable using video and taking videos of themselves.  With 41% of the public willing to be in front of the camera it shows that the public are embracing not only watching video reviews but starring in them too.

The use of video also combats the risk of ‘fake reviews’.  Richard Brenkley CMO of CBR explained “CBR relies on the public to submit their reviews-good or bad but we’re aware of the risk of fake submissions.  The comparison industry has been widely criticized for allowing these fake reviews to be featured but with the drive in  innovation we can combat this risk along with our team of analysts and moderators who vet each one. Video doesn’t give the perpetrator room to hide so you can rely on the fact you’re watching the real deal”

CBR’s announcement today is key to their pursuit in working for the consumer rather than the provider.  By advancing their review platform they are putting the pressure on the providers to make sue they continue to put their customers at the forefront of their businesses.  Great customer service, especially during these times, is pivotal to retain custom and to achieve a positive experience for those customers especially when it comes to financial based businesses.

Mark Gordon, Chief Executive of Compare by Review added “The review and comparison spectrum has long been calling out for a figure head who puts consumers ahead of revenue.  By basing our scores on reviews and not monetary bids from providers, we work on behalf of the customer”

For users wishing to submit a video they either need a smart phone with a camera, a camera within their laptop or an external video device which can upload directly to your computer.   Videos can be recorded live or uploaded from a file giving users added flexibility.

The platform can be found here.

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