As Councils & Govt Hint at Petrol Car Ban, Classic Owners are Going Electric

The UK government is committed to banning petrol and diesel cars sometime in the 2030s and many Councils are already talking about banning non-electric vehicles from urban areas. All that, and the decline of petrol/diesel fuel stations, makes owning a classic car or motorcycle a slightly depressing prospect in the future. But if you want to keep driving, then Lunaz has a solution that ticks all the green boxes.

From its base in Silverstone, England, the firm is fulfilling customer orders for the first tranche of production allocation of its reengineered and electrified classic cars. The customer commissions include orders for the Jaguar XK120 and Jaguar XK140s by Lunaz, in both coupé and roadster body styles.

All cars by Lunaz are hand-built in strictly limited production runs. This reflects a commitment to preserving the rarity and value of the most celebrated classics in history. Sustained global demand has brought forward plans to introduce a new marque to the Lunaz family.

Following a customer commission for an electrified version of the highly rare Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur with coachwork by H.J Mulliner, the firm is now confirming allocation for a limited production run of all derivatives across the (1955-1965) Bentley Continental family. These will be available in both Coupé and Drophead Coupé bodystyles. Order books for 2021 delivery are open for reengineered and electrified Bentley Continentals.

The Mulliner Flying Spur will take pride of place in one of the most exquisite car collections in the UK. The car’s owner will use it as his daily driver, replacing his modern electric hatchback. This confirms Lunaz’ promise to make the rarest and most desirable cars in history truly usable.

The Bentleys will join a stable of cars that represent the most celebrated marques in automotive history. This includes two of the most admired Rolls-Royces, the 1956 Cloud and 1961 Phantom V.  Final testing and proving for these cars has been carried out in isolation and in accordance with government guidelines relating to the global health crisis.

First deliveries will take place in the final quarter of 2020. Lunaz is in advanced discussions with some of the world’s most admired hospitality establishments to take early allocations. These venues are seeing clear demand from their clientele to offer clean-air alternatives to existing luxury limousine fleets.

“Lunaz is delivering on surging demand for luxury electric cars. An entirely new breed of customer requires a clean-air powertrain, who until now have been limited to functional and utilitarian designs. Lunaz responds by taking the most beautiful cars in history and making them a relevant proposition for an emerging and influential group of buyers. We are delighted to breathe new life and usability into these timeless designs.”

David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz

triumph trident T160 1

IE Comment;

This type of conversion is fine for those with deep pockets, but someone with a Triumph Spitfire worth say 5K isn’t going to spend thousands on changing the powertrain. They’ll scrap it and apart from a handful of 60s-80s cars stored in museums, we will never see thousands of classic cars again.

An even more impossible task faces owners of classic motorcycles, who own something worth perhaps £2K and has a chassis that won’t accept a heavy battery pack and rear wheel drive motor. Even Elon Musk would struggle to convert a BSA Starfire 250 to electric power, these bikes are physically very small and lightweight, with skinny tyred wire wheels.

The classic car and bike market is underpinned by enthusiasts, and once that fanbase has been legislated out of existence it will never return. A great deal of fun and happiness, and a huge chunk of motoring history, which actually has very little impact on the global climate, is going to be banned by the new Puritans. Really sad.

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