Germany: Yadea Partners With ADAC on E-scooter Commuter Hire

YADEA announced the launch of a marketing partnership with ADAC SE

e-scooters are coming, whether we like them or not it seems. More cities across Europe are keen to persuade commuters to use ridesharing platforms to book e-scooter use for short trips. Insurance included, riders quoted based on bare min details provided by the ridesharing apps. Hmmm, will this experiment in letting untrained riders loose on city streets at 15mph work in cold, wet Nothern European winters? Time will tell.

Meanwhile Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd, a Chinese e-moped brand, has announced the launch of a marketing partnership with ADAC SE, Europe’s largest mobility club headquartered in Munich, Germany. The partnership is together with the startup Rydies. The partnership will see Yadea’s e-moped sold in Germany, and further accelerates the brand’s global expansion strategy.

Germany has continued to promote emission-free mobility with affordable e-bikes and e-mopeds, in order to reach its emissions reduction targets. Sales for the first half of this year in Germany’s two-wheel vehicle market indicate that demand for electric bicycles and e-moped is set to reach a new high, with 1.1 million e-bikes sold between January and July 2020. E-moped (125 class) sales increased by amazing 59% until Aug. 2020 compared to the previous year.

Already the leader in China, Yadea is committed to becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of electric two-wheel vehicles by continually investing in R&D, leading product innovations with advanced technology, integrating premium materials to improve vehicle quality, and championing a sustainable industry revolution.

With over 21 million members, ADAC is the world’s second-largest automobile association. As part of the company’s mission to electrify Germany, ADAC launched its e-Ride initiative: a cost-effective, flexible entry point into modern mobility. ADAC members can rent electric two-wheelers for a period of three to 12 months, which includes services such as insurance, repairs and a high-quality security lock.

In addition, members enjoy discounts when purchasing e-bikes and e-mopeds. The partnership between Yadea and ADAC SE will see the Yadea G5 e-moped launched onto the ADAC e-Ride platform, where members can enjoy discounts on monthly subscriptions and of up to €1,200 on selected sales deals.

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