Shayp Expands Water Management Services With New Funding

Shayp combines an easy to install sensor with advanced software analytics, allowing property owners to reduce water consumption by over 20%. As water shortages and costs are on the rise, Shayp transforms how the building sector addresses leakages and unnecessary water usage. The Brussels based company successfully completed their Seed Financing Round with new Investors SIGNA Innovations and AMAVI Capital onboard.

Smart funding for Shayp

Two European venture capital investors specialised in property technologies (PropTech) back Shayp to help accelerate and expand its water saving services across Europe towards private and public real-estate owners. Signa Innovations from Berlin, led Shayp’s Seed round with participation of AMAVI Capital from Belgium along with past investors and Finance& closing the round at 1.9M€.

“The team has identified a key trend and has been able to show impressive traction presenting us with a clear growth strategy and exciting opportunity.” – says Juergen Fenk, CEO of Signa Innovations.

Water usage is a major concern for the building sector

Founded in 2017, Shayp was quick to assess that 1 in 3 buildings present costly leakages all year round, due to faulty plumbing, leaky toilets and compromised systems. These leakages can account for anywhere between 10% to 60% of the organisation’s water bill since a vast majority go unnoticed or unreported by personnel.

“The real estate sector accounts for over 70% of the water supply, making it a key player in addressing the increasing water shortages we are facing. This is where we want to help and make a difference.” – says Alex McCormack, CEO of Shayp.

Pushing the boundaries in simplicity and performance

Shayp helps real-estate owners reduce water consumption in buildings by over 20% simply by addressing leakages and system discrepancies, and providing better control and insights on water usage overall.

By combining a single sensor installed in less than 5 minutes and machine learning techniques, Shayp identifies leakages and system anomalies in real-time across the whole building water supply. An intuitive and comprehensive webapp immediately alerts staff and helps prioritise interventions cost-effectively. Users can track the history of the actions taken, the water saved and identify any further measures to improve water consumption.

“Shayp has developed an industry leading IoT enabled SaaS solution and was able to get an impressive market traction in a very short time period.” – Arne Allewaert, Managing Partner of AMAVI :

Verified and proven results for Shayp’s customers

After raising their pre-seed round in April 2018, backed by Belgium based imec.istart & BEAngels, Shayp has helped public and private organisations save hundreds of thousands of euros annually, including municipalities, hospitals, offices, retailers, schools and multi-residential real estate owners. As an example, the City of Brussels set up a large action plan and is now saving over 50 million liters of water per year thanks to Shayp. The Solar Impulse Foundation, founded by Bertrand Piccard, awarded Shayp early this year with the Efficient Solution label after its proven benefits with the City of Brussels.

If you’re curious about how Shayp can help you improve water usage within your organisation, you can find them at

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