The Future For City Commuters? It’s The Sound of Silence

Urban mobility is changing fast and politicians look set to encourage the rush towards electric vehicle usage by banning petrol and diesel engined cars and motorcycles from town and city centres. What does that mean for commuters? The sound of Silence most likely. Insurers and insurtechs have a tremendous opportunity ahead, offering PAYG cover based on real time smartphone telematics data on location, riding style and typical routes.

There are players in this market already, like Zero Motorcycles for example, or Vespa, but the Italian Vespa Elettrica costs five grand.

If you’re on a tight budget, then Silence, a new electric scooter brand, hits UK streets this month, bringing Brits a stylish, simple and smart solution for modern day urban transport needs. Two-wheel transport is on the rise in Britain and undergoing an electric revolution, driven by changes in both consumer behaviour and regulation, particularly in urban areas. Congestion, air quality, eco-consciousness and, most recently, Coronavirus fears are all contributing to a significant shift in attitudes – and rocketing demand for electric powered two-wheelers of all types.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Europe, the Silence family of ‘e-moto’ scooters are the perfect solution for the growing number of both individuals and companies looking for low-cost, high-quality and zero-emission urban transport.

Silence is Europe’s biggest specialist EV manufacturer and is a company dedicated to creating the best e-moto scooters in the world to help transform urban eco-mobility. The Silence DNA of reliable, zero-emission battery power, sharp Barcelona style and smart tech has evolved over the past decade, already capturing over 66% of the Spanish and 30% of the European electric scooter market and attracting over 21,000 customers across 25 countries.

John Edwards, one of four founders of Silence UK, said: “The UK transportation market is changing at an unprecedented pace; the launch of the Silence family of class-leading electric moto scooters meets the demands of consumers and companies on so many levels. The Silence brand is cool, the products are even cooler – simple, smart, clean and beautifully designed. We’re excited about bringing Silence to Britain, delivering class-leading products and providing a class-leading ownership experience to a new family of customers.”


There is a huge problem ahead for UK insurers as people trip over charging cables and visitors to commercial premises or homes interact with charging points mounted on walls. If people in flats or terraced houses are to own electric cars then cables will trail across driveways, private car parks or even footpaths. The alternative is to persuade people to use scooters like the Silence, which feature a detachable battery pack – plusa  trolley to wheel it inside your shed, garage or even the kitchen for overnight charging sessions.

Powered by a unique, patented and proven lithium-ion battery system, the Silence family combines exceptional performance with everyday practicality. The battery is completely portable with a ‘click-and-go’ release and innovative patented trolley system to allow charging to take place at any 240V socket. Silence e-moto scooters can even recharge their own battery on the move, generating energy as you slow down.

Silence all-electric performance eliminates emissions, noise and vibrations and can reduce running costs to around £1 per 100 miles travelled – a massive 80% reduction compared to conventional alternatives and a critical benefit for many.

The Silence e-moto scooters are smart too: the exclusive Silence app, for Apple and Android devices, allows you to locate, check and even lock or unlock your smart scooter from your phone. Through the app you are also able to plan and follow routes with Google Maps, so you are always on the best route and never lost.

A family of four Silence models are available, with prices starting at £2695, which is affordable compared to the costs of buying many small electric cars.

All Silence e-moto scooters ride just like a conventional scooter, from a step-through frame, to simple twist-and-go throttle and front and rear brake levers. All models come with a selection of driving modes (ECO, City and added Sport mode on the S01 and S02) as well as a reverse gear. But there’s so much more to the Silence experience, with the rider enjoying the effortless performance and a superb planted and stable ride due to the low centre of gravity.

Commenting on the launch of Silence into the UK market, Chairman of the Motorcycle Industry Association, Tony Campbell confirmed: “The light e-PTW market is growing at a dramatic rate, as people seek efficient, zero-emission alternatives to public transport and single-occupancy cars. The arrival of the Silence brand in the UK offers consumers and businesses further choice via a range of innovative and stylish products that are sure to establish themselves in our market.”

The first UK Silence flagship store will open its doors in quarter one of 2021. In the meantime, customers can contact the team to ask questions, book test rides or place orders via the Silence website

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