QuestGates Aims To Be Carbon Neutral by 2027

QuestGates has announced its commitment to be a carbon neutral company by 2027. The loss adjuster aims to achieve its environmental goals through a combination of internal initiatives such as driving digitalisation, and working with suppliers to achieve significant reduction in landfill waste from building repairs coupled with ‘smart’ building repairs.

 “We had already made headway on a number of green objectives that we set ourselves a couple of years ago focused on scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions*, but the new working from home environment imposed by the pandemic gave us the opportunity to take a harder look at how we could implement a more rigorous set of targets,” says QuestGates director, Greg Laker.

“Reducing travel, switching to electric vehicles, having the majority of our workforce working from home even when current restrictions are lifted, these are all relatively simple and straightforward steps that we can take. What really excites me and where I see huge leaps being made are the digital initiatives that we’ve introduced and our engagement with suppliers to look at new innovative building techniques and reduced waste.”

Laker points to a number of initiatives that QuestGates introduced in the latter half of 2020:

·         Increased use of its proprietary QUBExpert secure video technology across all areas of the business, which either reduces the need for a site visit or avoids the need for follow-up visits to view additional damage and agree variation orders on larger building claims

·         Use of remote monitoring on environmental claims negating the need for multiple visits by consultants to monitor carbon vapours

·         Engagement with suppliers to develop new techniques when reinstating properties following flood and fire as well as liaison with clients, and advise on risk management improvements to reduce the extent of future claims and ultimately reduce landfill waste

He concludes: “Our commitment to being a carbon neutral company is shared from top to bottom across our business, and has been well received by our partners and clients – but it’s just one part of the significant role that the insurance industry as whole can play in helping our country to meet its climate commitments.”

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