Thomas Miller Scales Up Automated Systems After Covid

Thomas Miller, the international insurance services provider, has scaled up its intelligent digital workforce across its operations to deliver service excellence to its members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using Blue Prism’s turnkey cloud-based intelligent automation platform, the company has deployed digital workers across a range of business functions, including renewals and fleet transfers. 

In early 2020, just before the outbreak of the pandemic, Thomas Miller automated processes that relied heavily upon legacy systems and specialist printers, which required employees to manually operate on-site. The swift and strategic implementation of Blue Prism’s cloud-based intelligent automation platform, and using its ability to operate between legacy systems, meant the business was able to re-locate its employees to remote working, without compromising its operations.  

Greg Fleming, CIO of Thomas Miller, said: “We completed the automation about two weeks before restrictions on movement came into place and we were all told to work remotely. We essentially went from a 100% office-based team to a fully remote workforce in the space of a week, and intelligent automation played a massive part in enabling us to do this effectively, without any disruption.” 

Thomas Miller’s automation strategy is focused on a long term vision that stretches far beyond providing resilience to COVID-19, and allows the company to capitalise on continuous, incremental benefits across the business. Due to its specialist nature, Thomas Miller has focused its automation efforts on relatively low volume, high value processes that ensure it continues to serve the needs of its members to the highest levels. The company manages a range of global protection services for the international transport industry, serving a range of mutual clubs. These include the TT Club, which insures 80% of the world’s containers and 46 of the top 100 ports. 

Digital workers now take on a large part of the process involved in club renewal applications. Working 24/7, the use of intelligent automation has smoothed out the seasonal spike in workload for its team of 30 underwriters, at the turn of the calendar year. This has led to a significant improvement in turnaround times on renewal applications and improved accuracy in the process, meaning a faster, more seamless experience for members.  

Intelligent automation is also being deployed within the fleet transfer process, which involves a group of ships being moved from one fleet or group to another fleet or group. Digital workers are now handling the transfer of legacy transactions and financial history relating to these ships. Previously this was a manual and time-consuming task, with thousands of individual transactions needing to be switched across on some larger fleet transfers, and each transaction taking typically five to 10 minutes. Thomas Miller simply didn’t have the required resources, and as a result had built up a backlog of 7,000 legacy transactions.  

By deploying digital workers, the work was completed accurately within a matter of days and saved the team three weeks’ worth of man hours. Moving forward, digital workers are available on demand to deal with similar fleet transfers and keep all records up to date.   

As Thomas Miller looks to strategically scale the use of intelligent automation across the business it will be leveraging the flexibility of adopting a cloud based platform. Fleming adds: “From the outset, we’ve looked to develop an intelligent automation strategy that is seamless, scalable and that really suits the needs of our business. That’s why we’re working with Blue Prism, as we needed to work with an agile platform that didn’t require us to implement new IT infrastructure or bring in expensive programming skills. Blue Prism Cloud was perfect for us, as it’s easy to deploy and delivered direct from the cloud. Similarly, we’ve chosen our own approach to building out our automation team using an offshore model to achieve the overall flexibility we were looking for.” 

Peter O’Neill, CRO of Blue Prism, said: “We’re excited to be working with Thomas Miller as they pioneer some really interesting use cases for intelligent automation. They’re demonstrating the value that digital workers can deliver to any organization, no matter what their operational model. By taking a strategic, long-term approach to intelligent automation, they’re identifying innovative opportunities for digital workers to deliver business value and drive transformation across the entire organization.”  

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