We Are A Long Way From Self-Driving Cars

Yesterday’s mainstream news channels were full of recycled government press releases regarding ALKS, basically lane assist tech, in modern cars. The dream scenario is that you can take your hands off the wheel at 37mph on the motorway and the car stays in its lane, potholes permitting.

It’s like saying Honda have a new robot that can lift and bolt an engine into a car bodyshell on the production line, but we still need 20 people to screw on all the fuel injection, exhaust and electrical gubbins. It’s a start, but it isn’t the whole enchilada. Here’s some news from Finland, where Sensible 4 has been testing semi-autonomous cars in snow and freezing rain – you know, real world conditions – and continues to test in a joint venture with E-Shock in Italy. There is a long road ahead.

See you in ten years Mr Jonny Cab.

Sensible 4 delivers full-stack autonomous driving software, autonomous driving computer, and sensors for autonomous driving to Italian Deep Tech Enterprises Factory e-Novia. Sensible 4’s technology is being used to automate the new modular vehicle platform Rob.Y. Together the companies strengthen the European autonomous automotive industry and bring new solutions to market.

Sensible 4’s all-weather autonomous driving software will be used in Italian E-Shock’s Rob.Y, a flexible, electric vehicle platform by e-Novia. This Italian-Finnish collaboration brings an exclusive solution for automotive OEM’s and Tier1’s, thus reducing vehicle development time and costs.

First, on-road calibrations, pilot tests, and the first fully autonomous passenger transport service will be conducted within the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) testing campus in Ispra this summer.

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