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Lightico, leader of next-generation digital customer interactions, announced today that Metlife France, specializing in individual protection and multi-channel distribution, has chosen its platform for digitizing its customer-facing interactions. Together with Particeep, a leading SaaS distribution solution for financial products and services, the move significantly upgrades Metlife’s digital offerings to its customers.

“More than ever, we are convinced of the need to continue our innovations for our customers and our distribution partners, by partnering with two startups of choice. Particeep and Lightico allow us major advances in the customer journey and digital subscription. These new partnerships offer the best of both worlds between Digital and Human. Today, we are delighted to offer digital tools that will streamline and facilitate the sale of our products while building on the expertise of our advisers, so essential to reassure and support our customers,” said Agnès Bruhat, Managing Director of MetLife France.

Lightico’s solution allows Metlife’s customers to subscribe to its insurance products with a simple link sent by an advisor to the customer’s phone, tablet, or computer that opens a secure session in their browser. The advisor guide the customer throughout the quick, interactive, and compliant process as the client reviews the policy, reads and approves the terms and conditions, and downloads proof of their purchase.

This allows the customer to be in control of what they are purchasing and visually comprehend the policy and its terms instead of the advisor explaining it to them verbally. With Lightico, MetLife has seen the conversion rate across their products rise by 20 points on average all while maintaining 100% compliance.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Metlife to digitize their customer journeys – especially as consumer expectations for fast, easy and remote interactions continue to grow,” said Zviki Ben Ishay, CEO and CoFounder at Lightico. “The sales process for different insurance policies can be a complex process and the advisory role that the agent plays is key to ensuring the right choice of product. Lightico’s platform supports that process by digitally completing the bureaucratic, technical aspect of signatures, document collection and terms and conditions in a quick and seamless fashion.”

Lightico is used by leading insurers, financial institutions, lenders and telcos including Capital One, GSK and British Telecom.

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