Wealthy UK Drivers Are Being Short-Changed on EV Grants

Select Car Leasing sent us some interesting data recently, and it seems the government of Estonia is flush with cash.

In the UK you can get a £2500 bri-sorry, grant, to ditch your petrol/diesel car and buy an electric one which will require new batteries in about 7 years. Nice. But other countries will offer even higher cash offers if you buy into the expansion of the cobalt and lithium mining industry, which as we all know is brilliant for the planet.

Here is the Select Car Leasing league table of EV incentives;

IE wondered why Estonia is so keen on dishing out 15K for punters to invest in electric cars. Estonia’s national debt was about 18% of GDP IN 2020, up from just 8% in 2019. The Guardian reported early this year on the corruption scandal and the collapse of the government. According to Wikipedia just 650 electric cars have been registered in Estonia after the 15K grant roll out. The average salary in Estonia is about 1000 euros per month, so most people cannot afford 30K electric vehicles, even with a subsidy. Except the wealthy of course.

Here is the answer; Estonia is a heavy carbon producing nation and it depends on EU money to keep its economy rolling. It seems likely that by promising lavish EV grants, Estonia can tick green boxes in terms of ESG and keep that EU sustainability money rolling into their Treasury.


If you live in sunny, tiny Malta you can get around easily using its excellent bus services plus a cheap 900 euro secondhand Piaggio scooter. You really don’t need a car, electric or otherwise.

The low wages of Eastern Europe also highlight the fact that EV grants are mainly going to help wealthy people buy electric cars, often as second, urban only vehicles. That’s fine. But UK drivers should demand the same hefty bribes to choose a Tesla or dreary Nissan Leaf, because on Britain’s crowded roads a much greater EV uptake would actually help matters as regards cleaner air and quieter streets.

Wealthier UK drivers are being diddled on EV grants. Fact checked.


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