Need to Travel on Business? Covid Rule Data Is Essential

Travelling post-pandemic for business is likely to be tricky, as various countries see spikes in infection at a local lvel, for years to come. TEach country will have its onw unique set of rules on masks, distancing, tracking people, quarantine and so on. That’s why information that is updated in real time is the only way to go.

Most data sources provide sufficient data at the international level, but it’s tricky to find information at a local level. This is where Riskline comes in.” Daniel Senyard, CEO and Co-Founder of Shep, explains the driving force behind his company’s new partnership with travel risk management company Riskline.

Shep is a browser extension that triggers travel notifications and alerts across multiple sites when employees are looking for or booking business travel. It can be used to redirect employees and educate them about the benefits of booking in their approved company channels.

The partnership integrates Riskline’s Covid-19 API to provide in-depth travel data down to the state level across a range of countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain and France.

Suzanne Sangiovese, Commercial Director at Riskline, adds: “We’re delighted to partner with Shep to broaden their travel risk offering and are excited about this partnership because Shep is unique in enabling consistent COVID guidance across so many different travel sites. As domestic travel continues to return, the importance of local, city- and state-level guidance is paramount. Travel guidance and restrictions can not only differ from one country to another, but also vary considerably within a single country. It’s important to reflect this in the travel data. We use multiple sources to gather the latest information – all human curated to ensure accuracy and relevance.”

Riskline is a world-class travel risk intelligence company, providing real-time alert messaging, country and city risk assessments and COVID-19 intelligence to fulfil duty of care requirements before and during travel.

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