Are Homeowner EV Charging Points an Insurable Solution?

Could the next niche for Business Insurance be renting a driveway charging point out? Possibly. Given the slow roll-out of charging points across the UK, it might actually be a good idea to encourage homeowners with spacious driveways and a charging point to open a side-hustle, as they say on Twitter.

But that would need bespoke insurance cover. The cable trail problem, slips on wet leaves, collisions with passing pedestrians or e-scooter riders on leaving the driveway charging point – there are many risks. Here’s some news from Your Parking Space;

Rented driveways and empty parking spaces are leading the drive to end EV charge point anxiety, considered one of the main barriers to mass EV adoption. It follows a recent official report that has criticised the ‘postcode lottery’ of electric vehicle charging which urges more action to ensure the charging network is fit for purpose in order to help the Government meet its climate targets.

However, according to the latest figures from online parking platform, a leading provider of rented driveways and empty parking spaces available to pre-book, it now has more than 6,500 charge point locations – representing more than a third of all available charge point locations in the UK which currently stands at around 16,000.

Harrison Woods, CEO at, said: “As EVs become the car of choice, we all need to think outside the box when it comes to the EV charging infrastructure to cope with the rising demand.

“Rented driveways and empty off-street parking spaces provide a goldmine of locations that can be offered as EV charging spaces as drivers park their cars, whether it be just for an hour or so, or for a longer stay. The number of these charge points is growing at a rapid pace and provides an immediate alternative to forecourt charging.”

Along with 6,500 charge point locations, also has more than 18,000 EV charge points and more than 31,000 connectors or sockets which can be booked in advance, with up-to-the-minute reliable availability.

Harrison added: “ is constantly adding EV charge point locations to our network of parking spaces and through partnerships is working towards the goal that motorists will never be more than 20 minutes from an available charge point.”

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