Survey Reveals Bradford Drivers Love Collecting Points

The average British motorist has 0.258 points on their licence, according to NimbleFins‘ analysis of driver licence data from the DVLA. That’s equivalent to 257.7 points per 1,000 drivers. The survey discovered one driver from Brighton who identifies as female has 68 points on their licence, although this stat was quoted in various press releases last year – a Google search failed to reveal the court case in Brighton where the 68 points were added.

Over 2.4 million motorists currently have points on their licence. The summation of these points as of July 2021 is over 9.5 million points. If you consider that many common driving offences such as speeding, failing to obey traffic signals and driving whilst using a mobile phone are worth 3 to 6 points, that’s a lot of potentially dangerous driving.

There’s one 42-year-old female motorist in the BN2 postcode district (Brighton) with a whopping 68 points as of July 2021! Two people (a 32-year-old female and a 28-year-old male) have 60 points. There are 63 motorists with 30 or more points on their licence; and 293 motorists have 20 or more points. The most common reason for allowing people to carry on driving with more than 12 points is for their job – usually taxi driver – or to care for poorly relatives.

But which postcodes overall have the drivers with the least and most points? We dug into the data to find out. Here’s what we found.

Areas where motorists have the most points

Bradford arguably has the highest-offending drivers with the most points. The BD3 postcode disctrict (Barkerend, Bradford Moor, Thornbury, Eastbrook, Pollard Park, parts of, Laisterdyke, Undercliffe, and Wapping) is the worst in England and Wales, with a shocking 643.4 points per 1,000 licenced motorists. That’s 2.5X the average of 257.5 points per 1,000 licenced motorists in all of England and Wales.

In fact, 9 of the worst 25 postcode districts are in Bradford. Another 8 of the worst 25 are in Liverpool, with 4 in Leeds, making these three post towns the worst-offending areas.

Areas where motorists have the least points

The Isle of Wight is the clear winner when it comes to motorists with the fewest points on their licences. In fact, the best 8 of the top 25 postcodes for this metric hail from the Isle of Wight. This is even more impressive considering there are only 12 postcode districts (PO) on the Isle of Wight in total, although the population is probably generally older on the Isle of Wight which might partially explain the law abiding behaviour.

The PO38 postcode district in Ventnor ranked #1 with just 81.1 points per 1,000 motorist—68% less than the England and Wales average of 257.5 points per 1,000 motorists.

Other standout areas are Canterbury, which contributed 4 of the top 25 postcode districts (CT10, CT13, CT14 and CT15), and South West London, which has 3 postcodes in this top tier (SW20, SW12 and SW19).

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