Sensors Can Help Insurers Manage Commercial/Social Housing

Smart building tech is one of the big growth areas for insurers in the 2020s. More co-living, more mixed use Commercial/Residential buildings and use of tech like CCTV, camera doorbells, noise, temperature and humidity sensors etc.

Beyond Eyes, a brand initiated by Heijmans N.V., a major Dutch construction-services business, founded in 1923, with CSU Cleaning Services BV, deployed over 20,000 LoRaWAN-connected IoT sensors for Heijmans’ clients in the Netherlands, as part of their innovative Smart Building concept.

Beyond Eyes uses wireless sensors from CLICKEY to collect anonymous data on a building’s utilization, occupation, usage, and indoor environment. Smart Building sensors are then connected through the private LoRaWAN® IoT network manage on Actility’s ThingPark® Enterprise IoT platform, where data is aggregated and then forwarded to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub using using ThingPark Enterprise Azure connector.

For Commercial insurers this technology is especially useful, since it tracks actual human activity 24/7, such as;

  • Desk Occupation Sensors 
  • Room Occupancy Sensors 
  • People Counters 
  • Energy Sensors 
  • Comfort Sensors 
  • Environmental Sensors 

Each of these sensors, which can be mounted under desks, walls, and ceilings have a unique ID number, and are wirelessly connected to a software system, using LoRaWAN network. The collected anonymous data is then sent to the Cloud where it can be analyzed and visualized via an online platform.  Clients gain access and insights from their data through a variety of front-end applications.

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