TikTok Car Repair Hacks Could Lead to Claims

TikTok can be quite entertaining in some ways, but the number of ‘Life Hack’ videos being uploaded means that inevitably, some people are going to follow some bad advice. When it comes to car insurance claims, it’s worth checking the policyholder’s social media activity to see if they are keen devotee of repairing their own vehicles after viewing online video clips.

Here’s some news from Peter Vardy;

1. DIY Car Dent Removal? You Risk Paying £335

Many variations of car dent removal circulate TikTok – from using glue sticks to pouring hot water and pushing the dent out. One TikTok user shows how she fixed her car dent with a toilet plunger. However, some incidents of car damage are more complex than others. While some users have had success with the removing their dents, performing the repairs yourself mean you can pull the metal too far out and cause more structural damage to your car.

Peter Vardy found that car dents can be fixed by a professional but if you cause further structural damage to your car, you could risk paying around £335 in dent repair costs.

2. DIY Foaming Car Jet Wash Damage Could Cost £1,000 In Repairs

In order to get the fresh car valet feel at home, one TikTok user shows us how to give your car a special at-home car wash – by pouring washing up liquid in the hose pipe to create a foaming jet wash. While it gives a similar foamy consistency to those used at a professional valet service, using dish soap to wash your car can strip the wax protecting your delicate clear coat.

By getting rid of the clear wax coat, your car can fall victim to the elements meaning tough dirt and rust will damage your car exterior. Following the damage, it could cost you around £1,000 for a car paint respray.

3. Using Hot Water To Remove Ice & Frost Could Cost You £420

It’s commonly known that you shouldn’t use hot water on icy windscreens. Such an extreme temperature difference can cause a crack in your windshield. However, one TikTok user appeared to trick the system by using a bag to hold the hot water as she removed the frost before her work commute.

The video gained a lot of fans, too – with 32.6K likes on the hack video. Peter Vardy have warned that even containing hot water in a sealed bag can damage your windscreen and can cost drivers up to £420 for a crack repair on their window.

4. Use WD40 To Clean Foggy Headlights Can Cause Bulbs to Blink Out, Costing £15 For Replacements

WD-40 has been shared on TikTok as a useful cleaning solution for foggy headlights. While it may be useful for a one-time temporary solution, the substance can actually cause more harm to your headlights than good.

The oils in WD-40 can leak behind the headlight rim and into the bulb, causing it to blur or burn out entirely.

5. Using A Magic Eraser to Get Rid of Scuffs Actually Causes £240 Worth of Damage

Magic erasers can come in handy for removing dirt and grime from car cupholders and dashboard and some TikTok users have found that magic erasers can buff out car scratches.

However, magic erasers are made from melamine foam and has the abrasiveness of 3000 to 5000 grit sandpaper. Depending on how hard you scrub, you can cause further damage to the paint of your car rather than getting rid of visual paint scuffs.  Peter Vardy crunched the numbers and found paint scuff made worse by the use of abrasive materials can cost you up to £250.

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