The Next Virus Could Be Cyber, You Might Need a Concierge

Concierge Cyber announces the expansion of its Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), dedicated third-party experts offering its members immediate access to professional resources for incident response with or without cyber insurance in place.  The recent hardening of the cyber insurance market has heightened demand for access to cyber risk management professionals for event resolution triggered by any cyber incidentConcierge Cyber has bolstered its independent network of cyber risk advisors to offer cyber response services for brokerage and agency clients that either cannot obtain cyber insurance or to fill policy coverage gaps.

Concierge Cyber’s newly broadened panel of credentialed cyber advisors and risk management services providers is comprised of legal, information security, credit, forensics, and identity restoration firms with professionals averaging 25 to 30 years’ experience in their respective fields of specialty.  The Concierge Cyber advisors include fifteen legal and data breach law firms with offices throughout the U.S., Canada, England, the European Union and Latin America, along with four credit and identity restoration firms and two of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies.  Global information security forensic firms offer elite cyber insight from former military, law enforcement and counterintelligence experts

Concierge Cyber is offered by Cyber Special Ops, LLC, an independent cyber risk management company focused solely on providing its membership access to expert advisors for timely event response due to a cyber incident, including data breach, ransomware, email compromise or reputational threat.  Concierge Cyber is a membership by subscription platform for companies and at-risk individuals to secure professional services at pre-negotiated rates.

“Our credentialed CERT advisors represent one of the most robust, collective panel of cyber security experts, arming membership with guaranteed emergency response to any financial, operational, data or reputational risk,” stated Kurt Suhs, Chief Executive Officer.

“Companies of all sizes, as well as at-risk individuals, are seeing increased frequency and severity of cyber risk events that can be managed when response is swift and efficient.”

Membership in Concierge Cyber addresses the risk management needs of the estimated 70% of small and medium size companies that do not purchase cyber insurance.  A company may not have secured cyber insurance because coverage has become too expensive, with 20-25% premium rate increases in 2021, or because it was not obtainable due to the inability to meet minimum security standards.  For entities with cyber insurance in place, Concierge Cyber can fill a coverage void for policy exclusions, including theft of intellectual property, patents and trade secrets, pollutants, bodily injury or property damage, and unencrypted laptop computers.

Mr. Suhs noted that “our knowledge of the cyber insurance landscape and experience in finding solutions in the constantly changing cyber risk arena have given rise to the urgent need for companies and individuals to have confidence in knowing they have guaranteed access to cyber response experts when they need help the most.”

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