Air Quality Is Your Most Valuable Commercial Cover Dataset

Could air quality monitoring be the next `must have’ feature in Commercial and Retail insurance? Maybe so, as keeping the risk of infection, people smoking or electrical fire detection, in public buildings and co-living projects is essential if they are to be insured properly. During the past few years, and especially since the Covid-19 crisis outbreak, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has received increasing attention from environmental governance authorities, making IAQ standards stricter.

Studies have confirmed that people spend around 90% of their time in indoor environments, giving IAQ a significant importance on health. High levels of this indicator have been proven to be harmful to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children or those suffering chronic respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.

The IoT Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution measures the indoor concentration of CO2, temperature, humidity, and light in an automatic manner and real-time, triggering automatic mitigation actionsbased on the presence and flow of people. The solution helps reduce the spread of Covid-19 through alerting when clean air must be brought in, and potentially contaminated air removed.

CO2 concentration is a key indicator of air quality. Studies have also concluded that areas with high CO2 levels increase COVID-19 spreading, as it is directly linked to the number of infectious particles suspended in the air. A high number of CO2 in the air also means a high number of aerosols, which increases the risk of infection for the people present in the room.

When a person infected with Coronavirus speaks, coughs or sneezes, millions of aerosols and droplets penetrate the air and spread around the room. Non-ventilated indoor spaces increase the likelihood of Covid-19 transmission through aerosols, and insufficient ventilation may lead to long-range airborne transmission of the virus and opportunistic infection. Therefore, IAQ monitoring plays a crucial role in minimizing Covid-19 viral transmission in schools, offices, restaurants, and any shared indoor area.

Indoor climate also plays a key role in health protection, as pathogens remain in rooms for hours at typical air exchange rates in residential and office buildings. Air renewal takes considerable time and so, periodic fresh air supply is recommended.


Actility, in joint work with and WMW, now offers a new Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring Starter Kit focused on enabling safer and healthier indoor environments, to help protect employees, students and workers by meeting air quality regulation levels. The solution also seeks to protect against COVID-19 spread, by controlling and monitoring CO2 levels and people’s presence in closed areas.

This Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution, now available on ThingPark Market, Actility’s IoT solutions marketplace, allows to control and monitor CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, light and people’s presence in real time. The IAQ Monitoring Starter Kit provides the required hardware, software and connectivity services to assess this integrated plug-and-play solution.

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