Insurance Fraud & Crime Round-Up

If you work in claims then this is good info. Always worth noting how fraudsters operate and how lenient courts can be with criminals who play the system. Here’s what we spotted in the UK and Irish press recently;


Dr Kristen Laing pleaded guilty to making a fake insurance claim, having reported her handbag and 7K worth of jewellery had been stolen. The trainee doctor was not only let off in court, but will be allowed to continue being a trainee doctor, reports the Scottish Daily Record. 

She was caught out because she had already made a claim for the rings that had allegedly gone missing. She told her insurers that the rings had been re-made, and then stolen, but an investigation found that no such work had been carried out. She actually messaged the jeweller asking them, “How’s tricks? Long story short, not lost my rings but trying to make a wee claim on the home insurance. Didn’t realise they were going to contact you guys direct otherwise I would have given you the heads up.”

She was fined £1200 and after a one year suspension is now allowed to carry on doctoring. Medical doctoring that is, not doctoring jewellery valuation forms.


Over in the Republic of Ireland the Garda has formed a new fraud-reporting unit. The plan is that policyholders can report suspicious claims direct to the Garda, rather than contact their insurance company. More detail on this admin plan in the Irish Times here. 


A depressing case from Yorkshire, where a con artist swindled £4000 from a vulnerable woman by claiming she needed cash to pay for her sister’s funeral. The lie was told by Debbie Julie Pike who spent the cash on credit card bills and a holiday. She was found guilty and given a suspended sentence, plus ordered to pay back the money at £200 per month.

Interestingly Pike drove the victim to Santander bank where staff refused to hand over the cash, on the grounds that the right ID was not produced. But after driving the victim home for her passport, Santander staff DID then hand over four grand  in cash.


Over in Bradford there’s word from the local Police on a conviction and jail time for a repeat offender;

Adeel Wahid, 25, of Hilton Grove, Bradford, pleaded guilty to one count of committing acts intending to pervert the course of justice and two counts of fraud by false representation. He appeared at Bradford Crown Court on Friday, 17 September, where he was sentenced to six months in prison.

Between 4 February, 2019, and 22 July, 2019, a vehicle activated speed cameras in West Yorkshire on seven occasions. Wahid was sent Notices of Intended Prosecution which he returned with false driver details. During the same timeframe, two fraudulent insurance policies were taken out on the vehicle using names and addresses of real people. These policies were paid for using bank accounts that did not belong to Wahid.

Rachel Wainwright, of West Yorkshire Police’s Prosecutions and Casualty Prevention Unit, said: “Wahid repeatedly disregarded the law and drove at dangerous speeds while driving a car that was not adequately insured. He tried to evade paying for his actions and has brought real, uninvolved, people into his lies when he has used their details to take out insurance policies.”



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