Trends: Holidaymakers Buying Travel Cover Whilst Abroad

True Traveller, a travel insurance brand that specialises in covering adventure travel, saw a 300% increase in Brits taking out travel insurance whilst already on holiday in August 2021, compared to the same month in 2019, prior to the pandemic.

Tim Riley, Managing Director at True Traveller comments,

“This data is surprising as we would have expected to see people being more mindful in ensuring they are fully covered against COVID-related issues prior to their trip, particularly due to continuous changes in travel restrictions. However, what we are finding is that despite the confusion around travel, purchasing travel insurance is still very much an afterthought.

Although people may be forgetting to get cover before they travel, the important thing is that they are purchasing it when they remember, which could explain this vast increase in last minute cover. Before the pandemic, many people would have chanced travelling uninsured, whereas now they’re realising that it is important, but it is risky for them to organise it whilst abroad. While there is still uncertainty around travel, my advice would be for travellers to ensure they are fully prepared and take out insurance at the time of booking their holiday in case any unprecedented circumstances arise, stopping them from travelling.”

True Traveller is one of the few brands that allows people to purchase travel insurance whilst on holiday as most will only allow customer to purchase insurance before they depart the UK. However, by not taking out travel insurance ahead of a trip, people risk not being covered if they or the person they are travelling with contracts the virus ahead of their trip and can no longer travel.

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