DVLA Trolls UK With `Hilarious’ Press Release

Those home-working pranksters at the DVLA have so much time on their hands that they’ve started trolling the British public, currently queing outside a petrol station. Yes, rather than resolve the backlog of HGV driver licence updates and compliance issues, the DVLA has issued a comedy press release about why V5C documents can vanish.

The most unusual reasons people have shared with DVLA for needing a replacement vehicle registration certificate (V5C), contains such Have I Got News For You classics as;

My child covered their school book with it.

I left it at a hotel in the Gobi Desert when driving across Asia during my gap year.

Someone bought me a car for my birthday – they wrapped the keys in the V5C and I tore it open without knowing.

The dog ate it.

It blew out the window and when I went to look for it, it was gone.

My grandchild took it to play outside and buried it in the mud.

The DVLA then goes on to explain how quick and easy it is to order another V5C online.

Julie Lennard, DVLA Chief Executive, said:

Our online service to replace a V5C is quick and easy to use and means customers will receive their replacement vehicle registration certificate within the week. So whether you misplaced your V5C, it’s being digested by your pet or your kids have used it for arts and crafts – the quickest way to get a replacement is on GOV.UK.


According to the Daily Post there were over 800,000 unopened letters at the DVLA in June.

The Guardian highlighted the problems that the DVLA has in processing ID documents and returning them to drivers, with some people losing their jobs as a result.

The DVLA is incapable of amending a vehicle record to show that fraudsters are using that number plate on another – probably stolen – car or van. As this case from Birmingham shows, owners are repeatedly sent fines and have to challenge each fine and prove their innocence. At no point will the DVLA accept there is criminal activity and the legal keeper of the vehicle is not involved, so action should be suspended.

IE’s advice to the DVLA is simple; do your job better and stop wasting time trolling an exasperated public who ultimately pay your wages.


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