Electric Vehicles Need Careful Recycling, Says Copart

Copart’s MD Jane Pocock explains why handling EVs through total loss is not a new thing for Copart.

As we all know by now, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrids (PHEVs) are gaining traction in the UK Car Parc. The SMMT reported that there will be more plug-in vehicles registered in 2021 than the whole of the last decade.

In the Total Loss arena, Copart has been recycling and remarketing EV’s for many years. Over that period Copart has developed the appropriate processes, skills, and infrastructure to ensure we maximise the returns to our customers and provide our buyers with the best experience.

In addition, and as the central pillar to our Copart Cares campaign, we are continuously looking at the opportunity to recycle vehicles and parts, including EV parts and batteries.

Leading recycling and remarketing

At Copart we pride ourselves on our Operational Excellence. It is one of the advantages we offer our customers, alongside world class vehicle handling, preparation, recycling, and remarketing.

Our Operation Centres have evolved to support both electric and hybrid requirements with adaptation and/or creation of appropriate operational infrastructure and the expansion of dedicated storage and handling areas.

Our training and quality assurance means that only fully trained, competent Copart drivers are used to collect electric and hybrid vehicles, and those hybrids/EVs are clearly identified by placing warning stickers on them.

Other specialist equipment includes specific chemical and battery neutralisers for any potential leaks or spills that may occur on damaged electric vehicles, carried by all our 200 transporters.

All 15 of our Copart owned sites have EV capability, including in Scotland, and Northern and Southern Ireland, giving our customers the best coverage and confidence.

Unparalleled Skills

From a teammate training perspective, we continuously invest. We seek expert guidance on our training and work closely with Thatcham Research and a hand-picked specialist training company to stay ahead of the vehicle technology curve.

The unique characteristics of handling, recycling, and remarketing EVs means we must ensure that all our teammates who deal with them have the necessary skills and expertise to work safely and competently.

This extends beyond just our transport teams into our remarketing teams who drive sales, and into our recycling and parts businesses that help reclaim and reuse parts appropriately.

We also consider formal accreditation to be vital. Since 2019, we have invested into accreditations for teammates, rolling out IMI Level 2 qualification in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Routine Maintenance. These initiatives give reassurance to our customers that we are achieving and maintaining standards and offer the right governance and compliance.

In 2021, we partnered with the IVR for a national roll out of the IVR VR27 Electric (EV) and Hybrid Vehicles training module to Copart UK drivers. We are also implementing our unique and bespoke driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) module specifically around EVs with an external training provider. In addition, our teammates based at our vehicle recycling and parts centre in York have also completed the IMI Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair & Replacement.

As always, as we have for the past 40 years, Copart continues to invest and innovate. It’s why we lead. We remain committed to always thinking ahead for our customers to ensure we continuously drive more and more value through our partnerships.


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