US Market: Zubie Expands Its Rental Sector Offer

News from the USA;

Zubie used their position as a pioneer in the rental telematics industry to achieve significant growth in 2021. Their understanding of the rental landscape and how to equip clients with the best fleet management tools were instrumental in this success.

CRO Mark Novak says, “We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and thought What would be important to a rental operator?”  He attributes the company’s success to four factors:

  1. Zubie’s speed and accuracy in capturing vehicle locations for recovery via its Location Link.
  2. Proprietary technology that reports fuel use and odometer use for 99% of vehicles in a fleet.
  3. A robust API with limitless opportunity for data use and analysis.
  4. Unparalleled customer service and support with a dedicated team for onboarding new clients.

Since late 2018/ early 2019 Zubie has been expanding its fleet connect capabilities to the rental market. By focusing on the needs of the rental industry, they’ve doubled their growth in the past year. They’re dedicated to providing rental operators with the latest and most versatile tools to manage their fleets. Zubie pushes the possibilities of vehicle telematics in exciting new ways while maintaining a user-friendly platform where clients can easily access game-changing data.

Zubie’s customer success team sets the industry standard by helping customers through every step of their journey. The dedicated team provides exemplary guidance through the onboarding process to ensure that their devices and the dashboard are setup correctly. They also verify RMS connections are in place to make accessing data as easy as logging in.

Zubie’s CEO Chad Caswell is thrilled with the outcome but adds “This is the tip of the iceberg. While we’re proud to offer the most powerful tools for rental operators to utilize, backed by our amazing support team, we’re only beginning to see how we can take this technology to the next level.” In 2022 Zubie will continue to demonstrate its value to the rental industry with unmatched technology for fleet management.

Learn more about Zubie’s Rental Connect and all its features their homepage.

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